A Spicy Chess Opening — The “Dunst”

IM Levy Rozman aka GothamChess plays a viewer arena tournament and puts on his dunce hat to play the Dunst opening. The Dunst has been played by Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, and many other Grandmasters. Basically, Dunst OP.

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  1. That's the most disgusting display of the Van Geet ever.

  2. Hi levy
    Can u go watch the olympiad
    By the I'm big fan , do a opening course on Italian game

  3. Hey levy can u do a video on tactical openings for black nd white?

  4. Last time I was this early en passant wasn't invented

    To the guy that disliked before watching: Quit chess pls Levy is a IM that offers FREE content on YT.

  5. India olympia k final mai bhailog.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. I took 17th place in this tournament, that was amazing for me, thank you everyone for playing.

  7. So ''white is better.''.because white is rated 2577.. = ) ty sir~!

  8. White is better, because white is rated 2571^^

  9. 42:08 Isn't castling illegal here because of the Bishop? Also feels like Levy didn't consider that a possibility at all. Am I missing something?

  10. What are your thoughts on Cornor McGregor?

  11. Anderson Silva whooped Sonnen twice and you don't mention him? Suspect…

  12. Thank you for the great content levvy ! I started playing chess recently , on chess.com but there's this opening that's so screwed up I always lose to it , called wayward queen ( no idea bout it ) Its so annoying . Can you please tell how to defend against it ?

  13. Where is he from? I'm asking because he said "szach" with slavic accent.

  14. How can u have so even sub numbers now u have 69 500 subs ans last time i checkes u had exactly 69 000

  15. Levy im a 950 rated player who always plays the italian opening (fried liver attack) can you play some of this opening with white in your next video please so i can see what you are doing diffrently.

  16. Tried to watch/follow but the Booger move and then the Nose move just grossed me out so much I resigned a few minutes in.

  17. If i wanted to watch chess i would watch hikaru, I came here for the dry humor

  18. “ Não é Defesa Brasileira, é Defesa Câmara. ”

    — Hélder Câmara

  19. "Always compliment your rivals except when you're playing them"

  20. Grats on getting so much viewers, followers and fans and what not! Been cool to see you grow. Hope to play you one day 🙂

  21. Levy is something special. A pole dancing Super IM. Now beat that! Looking forward to learn how pole dancing influenced your chess. Like is it easier to see the board upside down now?

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