A Spicy Chess Opening — The “Dunst”

IM Levy Rozman aka GothamChess plays a viewer arena tournament and puts on his dunce hat to play the Dunst opening. The Dunst has been played by Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, and many other Grandmasters. Basically, Dunst OP.

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  1. i like it how when chess players make a joke that they learned from like 10-20 years ago from academy or coaches sound funny nowadays to plebs

  2. "You shouldn't take advice from random internet people"
    Yeah, I don't think so, not listening to some random internet people.

  3. I love that levy actually watches mma and was able to name 2 incredible fighters from america

  4. Yeah you are a badass at chess. I mean come on, you're an IM. But can you prove to me that the expectation of the sum is equal to the sum of the expectation?? Can you though?? Can you??

  5. Gotham talking about GSP and Uncle Chael.. I did not expect that when I clicked on this video.

  6. He kiterally named 3 ufc fighters that arent the greatest lmfao in his prime it will always be anderson silva

  7. Levy can you do a video of why h3 is sometimes bad because of Bishop sac on that h3 pawn ? It’s a very effective strategy on begginers lol

  8. “I’m the canvas, ya know? …I don’t even know what that means.”😂

  9. Guys if you like this kind of content you might consider watching gothamchess live on twitch.

  10. Nah bruh, you are hard trolling with that pole dancing shit

  11. levy dying when he saw "cyrrilic mongolian" was great

  12. Love the mma list but Chael is the goat. 😉

    But I think if Khabib beats gsp and dominates him, then beats Tony then yeah he’s probably the goat. But imagine is GSP beats khabib, Tony. Then Dustin. And just retired there? Fuckin goat.

  13. What's the difference? About 4 moves and 16 variations

  14. Stick to chess man cuz u obv know nothing about ufc

  15. Everyone in the ufc uses peds lol jones was only singled out cause he did coke too much and was open about it. Bad role model. Not a cheater to his sport unless you wanna call gsp and micoc

  16. I don’t know what happened but your content and energy has changed. I like it

  17. Came for the chess, stayed for the sarcastic comments 😂

  18. lol when QTCinderella said, "all Levy taught me was to fuck bitches"… I just stared at Levy staring into space.

  19. I did not know that Harry Potter played chess very well …

  20. He mentions trump and then ignores the fact that his chat goes into mayhem for a while lolol

  21. He looks like a KKK member in the tumbnail

  22. I think I am in a phase of chess, where I realize that being able to name something really makes a difference. Naming something is being a human, playing by instinct is animal. I play animal chess. I lose a lot.

  23. you were wrong about israel adesanya apologize now

  24. LOL Levi trying to fool a 2350 player like hes a noob

  25. You are having a mild allergic reaction this whole video!

  26. Chael Sonnen and Forest Griffin? Dude… Mighty Mouse

  27. "I'm allergic to blunders"
    You're gonna want to stay away from my analysis page!

  28. Watching 4 mos. from now knowing adesanya beat costa to a pulp love it when levy talks about mma

  29. Back missed a fork on the rook and Queen in the second game

  30. So he actually say out a bad move to trick stream sniper?
    Levy i was trying to learn
    How am I supposed to learn anything if he mislead like that

  31. Fun idea to play around with. Twitch chat plays chess vs you. Democracy vote on moves. Give them like 10 seconds to vote.

  32. Chess and MMA is just so far from eachother

  33. Pls post a video on the perk opening

  34. Thanks for covering my pet system 🙂 I am not sure where to feel like a "Dunce" aka Dunst – or a Maverick when playing this unusual opening. Cheers, K

  35. Levy it has been 2 years yet you still cant make videos

  36. Levy should have immediately taken the h pawn when his opponent played h6. Playing Qxh6 would have threatened checkmate with an unstoppable attack and there would be nothing black could do. h6 was one of the worst possible moves to make but then again his rating is 1200.

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