A Beginner Lesson in the Ponziani Opening

In this video, I give a chess lesson to PogChamps 4 Participant @Fundy on how to play the Ponziani Opening for white. The Ponziani is a simple and tricky opening that can be very effective at the beginner level. Learn more about PogChamps 4:
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  1. In the initial opening, what if black plays d5 after Kf6?

  2. The move opponent always plays is Bd7 and it blocks the attack. I dont see that line in any video but its seems to be the one that comes upEverytime. How do you address?

  3. Thank you Eric you are making me REALLY enjoy my chess learning experience right now. You are doing everything right. Much love from Canada

  4. man, i don't know like everyone is watching those video so i never get those positions in game, only the best responses. or maybe bunch of cheaters i dont know

  5. I don't want to give a thumbs down but you don't cover some of blacks opening moves. Also, you spend too much time in the middle moves and not enough in the first 4 moves.

  6. I tried your advice playing a 1750 and followed your instruction and got owned!!! Because blacks first move is not e5 but c6. You never mention that. If you open with e4 black will open with c6. White second move is c3. Black second move is Nc3. White is done.

  7. ERIC, IF YOU EVER SEE THIS COMMENT COULD YOU GO THROUGH THIS LINE IN A VIDEO AT SOME POINT PLEASE? I feel it would be very entertaining and instructive coming from you! The line I analysed is Nxe4 on move 4, lichess suggested that black hangs their Knight and a Bishop for a very messy position with white unable to castle having their King on e2 and Rook on g1 and black temporarily down two pieces but a castled king, yet it's equal according to the computer evaluation.Here's the line up to move 13: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. c3 Nf6 4. d4 Nxe4 5. d5 Bc5 6. dxc6 Bxf2+ 7. Ke2 Bb6 8. Qd5 Nf2 9. Rg1 O-O 10. cxb7 Bxb7 11. Qxb7 Qf6 12. Na3 e4 13. Nc4From here there are a couple options, I thought you might have fun going through the possibilities in this line and I'm sure your viewers would have fun watching. 😎

  8. Best Ponziani video on YouTube. Thank you so much for the class

  9. At 21:32 after you play d5 attacking the knight, what if black plays 5. Bc5? Setting up a check or potential fork on f2. Seems like good counter play. Is there a way to punish this?

  10. These scheme is quite clever. However, if I may make a suggestion. Ponziani is quite a mouthful for a lot of people so I may just shorten it to Ponzi going forward.

  11. seen this session several times. I just started chess a month ago currently rated 800s".Thank you.

  12. Magnus beat you. Why do you have a channel if you're not the best? I'll go watch a Magnus video.

  13. I play with an engine who puts a knight on f6 and eats my pond on e4 every time snd gives 0 chance to develop a ponziani scheme! 😂

  14. I've gained like 100 elo after switching to ponziani

  15. Well I’ve tried this ponziani a few times and lost every time. It’s rubbish I think,,,,they never make the moves you show on hete

  16. These are excellent, do you plan on doing more of these? I just finished the stafford one, I had my board up as you guys went through it and done the same with this video.

  17. Can you make a playlist for all of these openings tutorials, i watched your beginners guide to stafford gambit aswell and it was great, would be cool to have them all in one convenient place

  18. 2 commercials every 3 mins? I couldn't make it through half the video

  19. I'm an 1200 rapid 800 blitz & I've NEVER gotten any of those traps

  20. What do you do if black doesn’t go e5 and gos d5 instead? Do you just take with your pawn and then move forward with your knight too f3? I’m a lower rated player facing lower rated players lol

  21. The Last of Us- Realistically Vicious Gameplay says:

    I’d kill for you to teach me I have potential I learned when I was 4 years old but I stopped playing until present day 17 years old

  22. Incredible video. I'll play the Ponziani from now on. I wasn't familiar with it before that, but great lecture from Eric.

  23. I went from 70% to 100% wins as white since I started to grasp the theory behind the Ponziani. I’d really recommend this opening to anyone up to at least 1000 ELO.

  24. black f6 -> queen h5 black g6 white knight g6 and then you forked the bishop and the rook and if he retakes you can take the rook with the queen?

  25. What an awesome guy u are, really great video for literally no money

  26. 22:26 after Ng6 I'm surprised Eric didn't show Bd3, because there's a well know trap after the natural desperato Nxf2 where you sac your queen and either mate or end up up a piece. Seems like a very Eric move to play.

  27. Does anyone use this opening as their main opening? Are there any openings similar to this that gives great positional play?

  28. What do I do when they move pawn to C 5 first?

  29. this is good but what happens when black pushes the queen's pawn 2 move to fight over the center?

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