A Beginner Lesson in the Ponziani Opening

In this video, I give a chess lesson to PogChamps 4 Participant @Fundy on how to play the Ponziani Opening for white. The Ponziani is a simple and tricky opening that can be very effective at the beginner level. Learn more about PogChamps 4:
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  1. Too bad my opponents play e6 and d5 first lol

  2. Very nice, but I’m still in doubt in what to do if black responds with pawn to d4. Did I miss it?

  3. Wonderful trap! Have played it so many times successfully.

  4. I've been waiting for this. Btw you're my fave chess player

  5. Eric needs to try a ponziani opening queen sacrifice variation 😂

  6. I really want to play with Rrec erosen and cagnus marlson and Levi 🙂

  7. You should try playing the chess on coolmath games…

  8. Ponziani: Makes this for GM's
    Eric: Lets teach it to begginers!

  9. I ligit watched a stream u mane with Nicolas with ak and searched how to play ponziani and now I just gave u another view twice

  10. Eric is reading my mind, I just started playing Ponziani few days ago, thanks Senpai 😍

  11. Definitely gonna learn the ponzianzi now

  12. They tried this setup as black against my London system…

    They got destroyed in the opening.

    They weaken their light squares too much. xD

  13. Thank you, my rating is 1082 and after saw this tutorial, my accuracy turned to 92,6. It's really help me and will be my main strategy.

  14. I have been playing ponziani for a few months and this video covers all the main moves, it's great for beginners players like me, thanks!

  15. I need some gambits as black, Stafford now everyone knows !!

  16. Wow right after I finish making a study about the ponziani you come out with this video. You couldn’t have made this a week ago? 😂

  17. Nice! I needed another e4 opening to learn. Been using the Bishop's opening and usually going into the Italian game with relative success, but I'm kind of a one trick pony as a result. More strings to my bow are needed.

  18. Eric at his best: super educative, calm, and entertaining.
    The chess teacher everyone wants.

  19. I already said it before, but let me repeat.


  20. Used this tool recently. My favorite opening now.

  21. Pure magic. You can tell by how much Eric loves chess that he'd be a great math guy. Eric, can you please follow up with the Polish opening and how black can best attack white's dubious b4?

  22. I just got elo 1000 so I stop playing chess, my goal has been made after 7 longs months 🥳

  23. No one played a ponziani against me since our last two games!
    I learned a lot of theory for this opening and unless my opponent is really strong,
    I could stand my ground against it.
    But so far, no one played it 🙁

  24. Okay, I've watched this video. You can now delete it and hide it from my enemies. Thanks.

  25. But what the best moves for black to "survive"?

  26. 1)e4 e5 2)Nf3 Nc6 3)c3 Nf6 4)d4 Nxe4 5)d5 Bc5!! with a very powerfull attack for the black side ! What is the way to deal with that irritating variation ?

  27. When are you going to reopen your chess coach services?

  28. Yesssss I started playing this from Eric's videos and always wanted a full video on it! Perfect

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