A Beginner Lesson in the Ponziani Opening

In this video, I give a chess lesson to PogChamps 4 Participant @Fundy on how to play the Ponziani Opening for white. The Ponziani is a simple and tricky opening that can be very effective at the beginner level. Learn more about PogChamps 4:
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  1. Is c3 still recommended on move 3 after 1.e4 e5 2.nf3 nf6 if you're trying to play ponziani? I see nf6 way more often than nc6 at my beginner level (1200ish)

  2. Love to Eric Rosen. Dude rules! Haha School her ass

  3. @19:01 is white playing C7 wrong here with a discover check and also attacking the opponents queen? 👑

  4. This actually looks REALLY fun. I've been playing Jobava London, but Ponziani look more fun.

  5. What I really like is e4,e5,Kf3,Kc6,c3,Kf6 and then white just develops the bishop to the passive Be2. In blitz a LOT of players just go on and grab your pawn on e4 and then lose the Knight because of the famous Qa4-fork.

  6. 15 thumbs down voters got beaten by the ponziani

  7. Can the ponziani be played against something else than 2. ..nc6?

  8. A very fun line that black can try is the Vukovic Gambit which goes 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. c3 Nf6 4. d4 Nxe4 5. d5 Bc5! I’d be interested to see Eric’s analysis of this line. Black sacrifices at least a piece in the main continuation but gets a good attack against the white king.

  9. The Ponziani is so satisfying. Like pasta 🍝

  10. The real reason why everyone who plays 1.e4 must learn the ideas in the Ponziani…
    The ideas Eric shows underlie the positions in a great many double KP opening positions which are merely the Ponziani decorated with additional piece placements. The "traps" Eric shows are underlying latent ideas in similar positions to be aware of even if they don't work like the Ponziani proper.

    And, from the Black side…
    If you play a double KP opening, it's a way for White to play simply without memorizing vast amounts of Ruy and Giucco theory, so it's not as though White wouldn't play the Ponziani against you… But, you should also be happy to see that White is not choosing to pose the most difficult and complex problems to you by choosing to play the Ponziani. Avoid the tactical traps and you should gain equality with natural play.

  11. Eric said the ponziani is great for beginners but even engines think it’s very sound, especially since it’s so rare it’s very good for much higher levels than that.

  12. Please a video on the vukovic gambit! After 3 … Kf6 and 4 d4, black takes the pawn on e4, and after 5 d5, black gambits the knight on c6 by playing Bc5

  13. Been here for 3 times to memorize these main lines. Thank you so much!

  14. I have a question, i'm new to chess. If black don't move the Knight (Nc6 i guess), we can't use Ponziani anymore?

  15. I am still considering wheter to play this opening because I don't like move 3.c3 so much. Can you explain why it is a good opening against beginners specifically? That makes me think that the opening really isnt that good. I have the same issue with the London system, people say its not good for high level chess.

  16. Thank you for the lessons and great content 🙂 I was wondering, at 10:46, what if black goes bishop d6? Do you still push the pawn on d5?

  17. I love the lessons where the person you are teaching isnt an idiot, this guys is sharp

  18. After watching this video today I played Ponziani and got the Pawn d6 (Blunder) variation and Won the match 🥳🥳🥳🥳.
    Thank you so much Eric Sir.

  19. If he ever says, "Oh no, my ____," I'd just resign. 😆

  20. Very much enjoying your videos, deep and thorough explanation of the traps and lines.

    What software are you using?

  21. I've started playing this position 5 months ago.. It's the best

  22. I have played chess for 20 years, and this short lesson on the Ponziani was so intuitive. Ideas that I see in many games, often against me! I feel clearer about my game now than before this video. Thank you

  23. at 19.02 why not c7 opening up a discovery and winning the queen?

  24. Anyone below 2000 is about 98% of chess players lmao

  25. beat someone on lichess in 12 moves with my first time using the Ponziani! 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6 3. c3 Nf6 4. d4 Nxe4 5. dxe5 dxe5 6. Qa4+ Bd7 7. Qxe4 Nc6 8. Nxe5 Nxe5 9. Qxe5+ Be7 10. Qxg7 Rf8 11. Bh6 Bf6 12. Qxf8# 1-0

  26. It is probable that I will never play chess, yet Eric’s demos and games are so very entertaining.

  27. Was I the only person to think that it was fundy that was talking to Eric
    Couldn’t just be me

  28. This Gem has been sitting here? For free??? Wow. Thanks a lot!!!

  29. Watched this vid and played a game. I played pawn e4, my opp played pawn e5 as planned so I played c3.. so far so good. then my opp played knight to F6 and i lost all control. I was expecting the other knight!!

  30. I've put a hundred on my rapid rating from this video. Been doing this when I'm white everytime and stafford when I'm black

  31. Cover the volcic counter gambit in the ponziani

  32. I'm confused. At 11:56, the white pond moves to the empty d6 square, but the pond behind it disappears. And what's stopping their bishop from taking the pond?? Confused. 🙁

  33. Just had someone open with this on me and lose. Stop showing these pleasssssseeeee 😂😂😂

  34. Wait, you mean I DON'T have to just play a London?? 🤣💕 great video thank you for sharing an easy and flexible opening for noobish noobs. ❤

  35. Eric your a wicked good teacher but excuse me if Im not so switched on is there any way you can slow down some of your combinations like the ponziani opening combinations and others because it gets abit fast to remember the different moves and counter moves with out pausing and going back constantly .not sure if anyone else has this same problem if not I guess don't worry about it .thanks mate appreciate your vids

  36. What piece of software is Eric using to share the board with his student?

  37. YOU ARE AWESOME ty for the videos and sharing your knowledge are you on Facebook?

  38. What's the safest opening for beginner players? I want something I can play every time to get the game going. I'm clueless about openings, but good at mid-game.

  39. I tried playing this when I saw a five minute video. Didn't work. Watched this, more depth and lines. Played it again for the first time and won with ease! Thanks from a two month experienced Chess player.

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