A Beautiful Checkmate Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick for Black in the Italian Game (Giuoco Piano) to Trap & Checkmate the White king in just 15 Moves.
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  1. Nah can't do that to me, I don't play that logically

  2. As a white i would go for evans gambit instead of castle

  3. Yo chess talk I think I'm the friend of your son he I think he is Rahman and goes to pastor ris primary school pls share this with him

  4. enemy takes rook instead
    Me who didnt think my enemy would do that:💀

  5. everybody gangsta until you sacrifice the queen then your opponent becomes magnus carlsen

  6. Not that much of a chess player but I assume this could have gone wrong in so many ways

  7. How about if his Knight takes the Rook not your Queen?

  8. I wonder how the valuation looks like. Omw to analysis.

  9. If someone sacrifices their queen voluntarily, you know you’ve already lost

  10. idiot my opponent ain't gonna move like this.

  11. Lmao I always play with people who play after seeing these kind of videos. They can’t do shit when a different move is made by the opponent.

  12. doesn't f3, protecting the queen also blunt the whole attack?.. never mind. I see the dark square Bishop

  13. I feel like my opponents would counter-sacrifice some material at some point in the sequence and ill be left not knowing what to do

  14. That’s hope chess bro! The opponent can play one logical move and your plan goes to shit dude! That’s just lame

  15. Thank you so much! Now I don't have to worry about double pawns on the king side.

  16. I tried to do it so many times, but my opponent doesn't make the same choices

  17. Me: tries to play a trap
    My Opponent: plays a different move
    Me: wait… that's not in the script

  18. THis set up is too long with a lot of sacrificing , and with expectation of opponent playing according to our plan. Not worth it.

  19. And that's why I'm not gonna play against india, they're too smart for me😭

  20. so before the black knight check, how bout white knight f6?

  21. my opponent does a different move
    me: that was not in script!

  22. Funny. That are the moves you want your enemies to commit, but on real game there's multiple options that would give white significant advantage.

  23. If he takes the Rook instead you are totally lost

  24. Nothing personal.. But I really can't listen Indian accent

  25. If knight take rook instead taking the queen

  26. Most people just take the knight with bishop for some reason

  27. My opponent: 2 Horse moving at same time 😂😂😂

  28. If you had taken that pawn it would’ve already been checkmate tho?

  29. Man there's something about his accent that makes me want to dominate some.chess

  30. Its difficult to win against a player who is not experiended much

  31. yeah that's a beautiful mate but, most of the people don't castle in the starting of italian openaing

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