800 Elo Chess Is AMAZING…

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  1. As an 800, their either idiots or complete gods

  2. Listening to your description of all this gives me the impression of someone calling a pro wrestling match.

  3. Magnus Carlsen shivering at how well they played

  4. I had more emotional investment in this than the entire game of thrones.

  5. As a 900 player, this still happens. Seeing moves is impossible. Defensive moves are almost impossible to see as compared to attacking moves.

  6. After that game:
    "Did you win"
    White: yes
    "What did it cost"
    White: everything

  7. These r very polite players not even trying to fork each other over.

  8. How do I find out what my actual rating is

  9. Ranked around 650 700 and that was terrible too watch …

  10. My rating is 800 all thanks to Levy for helping get there

  11. I've only been watching your channel for a week but its been highly educational and super entertaining. Thanks so much.
    I'm trying to better my game so i can once again beat my son. That's what i get for teaching him.😂

  12. 3:10 why does that bishop suck and why is that knight priceless?

    sorry i know this is super late so no worries if you don't respond but i'm curious 🙂

    played chess for years but never actually studied it

  13. Wait, that's my rating ! let see how accurate is the video.

  14. I'm in the 800's and this doesn't look like an 800 game. More like a 400 🤕😂

  15. One slight move changes the boardstate, this is deep.

  16. this is one of the funniest video on youtube

  17. i thought you were gordon freeman in the thumbnail

  18. Youre the best, love your videos, thank you 👏

  19. I love this. If we had someone make a story board animation of this. Omg I would love a series like this. This was intense I was on the edge of my seat for so long on who was going to win.

  20. Thank you Levy!, this was very instructional and educational. I'll be sure to use these awesome tactics and strategies in my next game! Thank You!!

  21. Probably my favorite video on the channel so far

  22. Hi Levy, Thank you from getting me from 714 to 714 in one month

  23. Thanks Levy for this game review, I've learnt so much.

  24. You are right…this level is much more exilerating! The randomness introduced is much more thrilling!

  25. Levy whats up with these 200 GM s while you stuck at IM with only 2500?

  26. I was watching ur vids and i tried to play.. and it doesnt work🤣🤣🤣..
    But u know i will try again😂😂😂😂

  27. Your my Dawg, Bro!!! Your super dope! You bring a classic Character to this game!! I’ld liked to contribute to your page personal strategies. Thanks for your time your and your hard work in these vids!!

  28. its like watching tense sport game … well delivered commentary .

  29. Lol, probably I don't see that genius plays in-game 🙁

  30. Lets castle

  31. For those who doesn't understand the dolphin led the elephant to the sea and the elephant drowned the dolphin won

  32. Thought he was going to say "yes I'm 40 years old"

  33. it's really hard to know who gonna win hahaha

  34. I love how understanding you are of lower levels

  35. I played a chess game right before this and blundered 5x in a row and then a missed win (461 elo)

  36. Shitty 1100 here, I just don't get it. At 3:42, if white play queen E2, black can just play knight D4 and "fork" white's queen and knight. Then you should just trade knights so it seems kinda pointless to me. Can anyone explain it to me?

  37. There has to be a book of your summaries you do in the end of videos… For cheer up talks of chess teachers. Kids would love it. Until they start detect sarcasm, of course. ))

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