800 Elo Chess Is AMAZING…

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  1. in a nutshell, they didnt make bad moves

  2. Levy: Always look for Diagonal Checks.


  3. My elo is 800 and this is like seeing myself play 😂😂😂

  4. this was actually quite informative. i usually watch these videos for the humour content but i did learn from this one. any other good ones like this?

    it would've been good if Levy explained why white should've castled kingside.

  5. Why 800 elo players playing worse than me, I'm just 550

  6. I learn more from these videos than the grandmaster ones lol

  7. Watching this is funnier (not more exciting, but funnier) than watching two grandmasters' game, because just when you think the game is over, another blunder lengthens the game and so on.

  8. I started as 700 and after a week of practice, I am 252

  9. OMG. This is sooooo funny.
    I gues I play the same 😀

  10. Thanks levy know i was 1600 elo now I am 1100 elo

  11. Thnku for getting me 1400 from 500 in one month

  12. I've been playing chess for fun for maybe 30+ years, and I still can't get past elo 550 against players, but can easily beat bots up to elo 1300 lulz.

    500+ Elo players are actually chess beasts … we just constantly blunder every piece 😡

    So the game becomes whoever makes the least blunders wins.

  13. Thanks for getting me from 360 to 460 in a day

  14. The 700’s I play would destroy these guys 😢

  15. How they are grand master gotham if they're under 1000elo

  16. Completely unrelated, but at 7:03 when Levy says "knight to G4" it sounds exactly like the Mario sound effect at the end, that is all.

  17. This is truly one of the most videos of all time

  18. i am 870 and this game was satisfying af

  19. It's amazing how my IQ decreased by 50 percent after watching this !

  20. Just such a great commentary and I learnt so much in seeing real time how you think about the choices thank you Levy

  21. A couple of weeks ago,I was about 800.
    And,I was way better than it.
    Now,I am 950

  22. That’s definitely looks like not 800 elo. I’m playing on 900 elo and gamers here do not do such stupid mistakes and they see almost every possibility for checkmate.

  23. I’ve never studied chess openings in my life. I was around an 800-900 elo player from my experience playing against a computer every single day for a handful of years.

    Now after learning some openings and studying chess, I can confidently say I’ve went from 800-900 elo down to 250 elo. Thanks Gotham!

  24. Starting to think you make these games up 😂

  25. I like that whenever I click on his videos I didn't get a single ad

  26. Video was entertaining and you earned my sub 😊

  27. i M a 1600-1800 range guy but still watch his videos those are for low players cause it helps me to review my past knowledge and also kinda improves my game cause of the way he explains that

  28. This is called a rollo coaster of chess!

  29. 18:47 play queen to e3 he will take with rook and then we playy Rook to 8th rank and that is MATE

  30. That shirt is a dubious move. Could be brilliant in blitz though.

  31. 11:42 "If you just take the queen, then you're not getting enough material"
    I'd say an 800 resigns upon losing their queen anyway!

  32. Im stuck at 800 because bad chess makes me tilted

  33. Two things, Levy is really making a positive contribution to the chess world which I think goes largely underappreciated. Secondly, that is an awesome shirt, does anyone know where I can buy it?

  34. Once I’ve blundered and lost a few major pieces I just give them all away and play for a stalemate.. it works more than you’d imagine lol

  35. i am 623 elo chess player and i am better then them

  36. That game was intense. Great commentary. 👍 Levy is the GOAT

  37. How do you find these 800 elo games? My opponents never blunder more than 1-2 times per game. I feel like the games I get in 800 elo are far more challenging than this

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