7 MOST COMMON Chess Mistakes

You are making these 7 mistakes if you are a beginner or intermediate player. Fix it now!

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Mistake 1: Trading
6:42 Mistake 2: Fake Training
10:21 Mistake 3: One-Movers
17:41 Mistake 4: Same Errors
22:19 Mistake 5: Time Management
29:27 Mistake 6: Selfish Brain

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  1. why do you have to talk like that? i'd kick my own face in if i talked like that.

  2. "If a world champion has never said that, you shouldn't say that"
    Great quote.

    Suddenly Andrew Tate enters the chat

  3. "there is not a thought behind those eyeballs" period💀

  4. I’m kinda new to chess, I know all the chess pieces and where they can move.

    The guy who lost to me lost because he moved his horse to G5… the horse that was protecting the pawn on H4 where the king is at h1.

    So I attacked the pawn, he moves his king to G1. I attack the horse on G5 so he can’t move other pieces and have to move the king.

    I attack the Horse on B1 with a rook and he gets checkmate because there’s another rook on C2.

    One move caused this, just like you said. I also use the draw little arrows thing.

  5. Yeah, that tilt ruined me, I hit 1000 from blitz, lost a game, got upset and didn't focus the next several, and found myself at 500 like wtf.

  6. I was top 5 in my whole city as a 11 year old and now im here at 17 watching this and never did any of these mistakes (I was self thought)

  7. Bro i like that im pretty good at math and i am pretty smart but why do i feel like i am a moron when i play chess 🤣

  8. #2 is actually really solid advice in general.

  9. For time management try to get timeout vs insufficient material draw if you cant checkmate

  10. Most common mistake is a mouse slip or mistap.😂

  11. guy who is good at chess gets mad at noobs

    that's fair honestly

  12. how does he have such on point criticism on me without having met me, god dam !

  13. As a gamer, I was hoping chess would be the game without tilt…. then I blundered my queen

  14. Thank you for this video. I'm an 1100 player trying to improve. Got the books, the MasterClass, the this and the that, but I'm guilty of so many of these mistakes that I did not recognize until this video. As with most things, one learns best from addressing mistakes rather than riding on basic triumphs.

  15. The problem with puzzles is that you might find all the right moves and be great at puzzles. Buuuttt how'd you get into that position? Can you play into that position or make the moves that create positions where those tactics are even an option? I almost never find those awesome forks and pins and sacrifices that give you such dominating winning positions that'll make your opponent cry with fistfulls of their own hair sweating profusely face beet red with rage filled bloodshot eyes dead set on murdering the person(yourself) who just made them look like a newbie.
    But yeah i need to practice on making the right moves to put myself in the advantageous positions where tactics have three most effect.

  16. There's some really good stuff in this video.

    Fake training is something that has honestly plagued me for a very long time, on Smash Bros Ultimate of all games. So many matches, but for what? I'm not actively trying to learn anything or try anything in particular. Just dumping data into my brain hoping it improves on its own. That sort of works, but extremely slowly. Every other method is better.

    Also, 11:43 to 11:57 is absolute gold, both of those points. Don't say "I didn't see that" if you weren't looking for it. Not looking was the problem, rather than just missing it. In order to improve you have to accurately identify the problem. Exactly like you said.

  17. Thank you so much for that one-movers section. I constantly get tunnel visioned and make pointless moves but I never knew why they were bad and why I kept losing games.

  18. "You weren't even looking!" since I first watched this video months ago that one sentence has likely helped my rating 150 points. When I lose a game that I can say that to myself, I stop for the day. Its the single most helpful advice that got me to 1800. Been hard since getting here though, common mistakes are less common now. Lol

  19. Title should be: If you didn’t already know how shit you are, I’ll just tell you.

  20. I love how for the third mistake I paused the video, thought to myself "I'd play knight to e5", and then proceeded to have my ass handed to me lol

  21. …. I don’t focus very well… that’s an issue, lol

  22. the only real mistake i make in this video is the trading sometimes i do one movers but that really only in blitz

  23. Anyone else notice Gotham sounds a lot like Ben affleck with some of the words he pronounces?

  24. I was a bit worried there. There was so much passion in your speech I thought your head would explode. Not quite the British stiff upper lip kind of lecture. 🙂

  25. At this point, my issues come from being too focused on completing my selected opening position.

  26. Replying to the tilt part: I agree I am 1300 but 1 month ago i had a peak of 980 yet was about 780-850 because i tilt dropped 930->740

  27. Great advice! The chess advice was good but the life advice was better. Thank you!

  28. me after watching this video: newbies, i'm coming for you

  29. I don't even play chess and I feel like I walked by mistake on a teacher roasting his students after the most catastrophic exam. He sounds angry, but he's not, he's disappointed.

  30. 4:52 how did black do that?! (Please explain it to me because I am new to chess and I want to know how is that move possible)

  31. Good luck applying #2 with a neurodivergence 😑

  32. Okay, ignorance inbound: 15:27 how the heck does the engine think that pawn to g5 locks the bishop out it can run to h5 and then open f6? Apologies as I'm not a 1.5k ELO player.

  33. "If they don't move it I'll take it"
    enemy moves Queen

    *pikachu surprised face*

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