7 Best Chess Opening Traps

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In this video, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you 7 best chess opening traps –these traps are really easy to learn and, therefore, you will be able to apply them in YOUR games right away! 🙂 The traps that he has presented in the video lesson below are from a variety of popular chess openings –Sicilian, Caro-Kann, Spanish, Two Knights, and so on; and therefore, you will find them very useful!

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  1. The 3 trap is bogus. The pawn can take back and knight is gone!

  2. I see chess videos but I can’t even remember any of the traps or strategy 😂

  3. 7:48 why can't the queen eat the knight? the better move would be knight F3

  4. 4:49
    I’m confused: why did pawn not kill knight during that time? Killing the knight with the pawn would kinda make sense

  5. At 8:00 you can avoid a checkmate by taking the knight with queen followed by defending the king with bishop

  6. Gotham is a Loser now..!!! Indonesian player the Best.. 👑👍💪

  7. at 6.14, what if white moves to f7 with the bishop?

  8. wow, it looks so simple and I never tried this kind of traps. Really stunning and thanks for sharing this with us. Keep up your great work and vids. Cheers 🙂

  9. This is a great volg ! Your explanations are delivered in a slow understandable manner. Thank you very much

  10. Thank you so much! You have been a great help to me!
    …These traps both work and are not that hard to learn. Just try it out, I'm sure you'll be able to catch a few pawns with these. Only the opening traps in this video is that they can only work in blitz games because in slower time controls, opponents may notice these traps and try to avoid them.

  11. I'll memorize this, next week me and my friend is doing a battle and he is kinda good like we are just the same but i wanna win against him

  12. Couldn’t even get 400-500s to fall for that first trap. They knew that I knew they knew it was trash.

  13. On trap 3, why wouldn't white go knight to g4?


  15. 6:50 white qween can come infront of king and black losses the game

  16. The 6th trap at 12:10, in a Ruy Lopez, has the name "The Noah's Ark Trap," where the white bishop gets smothered by the advancing pawns. This has happened to me in countless games against players who do not fully understand how to play the Ruy Lopez.

    I think many of these other traps also have names. It would have been nice to give those names to give them some character.

    The opening at 5:48 has the name the "Schilling-Kostic Gambit." After white captures the hanging e-pawn with 4.Nxe4 you say "This practically loses on the spot" after 4…Qg5. But, one possibility you do not address is if white responds by playing 5.Bxf2+, forcing the black king to move: 5.Bxf2+ Kd8, 6.O-O Qxe5, winning the knight. Sure, white has an advantage but there is not much more white can do from this position. White has certainly not fallen into any trap where he gets checkmated. The computer line indicates that black has about a -0.6 advantage at this point but white's king is safely castled whereas black's king is going to be stuck in the middle of the board. White has given up a knight for two pawns and has a degree of compensation. It's not great for white, but he still has a perfectly playable game. He survives "falling" into the trap. Play might continue: 7.c3 Ne6, 8.d3 g3, 9.Re1 d6, 10.d4 Qf6, 11.BxN(e6) Qxe6, 12.d5 (all computer moves) and the position is very close to being equal. Neither side is particularly well developed as white has made many pawn moves whereas black has made multiple queen moves. I'm not sure I wouldn't mind playing the white side of this.

  17. I played for that smothered checkmate and everything was set as planned and guess what i forget to play it but i still won in the end but it was a shame i completely forgot about that checkmate

  18. 7:48 why does the king have to go to f1? Couldn't white's queen take the knight?

  19. Trap No. 4: What if the white Knight moves to g4 instead of f7 and blocks the black Queen on g5? – Minute 6:20

  20. These traps only works for beginner/intermediate players. It doesn't work for advance/GM levels!

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  22. You can follow for chess traps and more.

  23. Im worried he might ferociously taunt me and my knights

  24. My opponent also learning this 😐😐😐

  25. I saw the video was 4 years old and I was thinking "damn this is probably outdated" and then I remembered that chess has not updated since 1860 and I'm stupid as hell

  26. Its been 4 years the game prob got an update and these dont worm anymore oh wait

  27. we are starting to record, is it possible to support the channel?

  28. At 06:48 you say 'white has to play bishop to E2'. But he could, and surely should and would, move his queen to E2 instead.

  29. Ty!! Helped me put together some tactics I learned into one kinda motion attacks!!!! You awsome !!! You rock n roll !!

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