7 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Scandinavian Defense

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov talks about the 7 best chess opening traps in the Scandinavian Defense. A lot of you have requested us to do a video on this, and so here it comes!

The Scandinavian Defense follows the opening moves 1.e4 d5, which is a very common choice of opening for those below a 2000 rating. A lot of chess players like to play this opening because it’s a bit tricky. In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will be sharing with you the traps that you can use either for White or for Black and, therefore, you can use them regardless of the color you are playing.

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  1. Thanks Igor for sharing great traps. for some reason, can not download the PGN of these traps from the blog-post URL link

  2. Thanks, Igor. I find your lessons really clear and well presented.

  3. How did knight to c7 win the game at 7:11 if there are ways for the king to still move out of its way.

  4. Hikaru I think would play Rb7 bringing another piece i to the attack pinning the bishop.

  5. I don't see the Scandinavian much, but I do appreciate your insight.

  6. I don't know if I can remember all the traps. But it helps to see how to think.

  7. 24 mn 11 s : au lieu de pion d5, pion b4. Les Noirs ne peuvent plus mettre le Cavalier en C5

  8. Si je participe à votre "MASTER CLASS", est ce que c'est gratuit ?
    Je ne parle pas très bien anglais. Je suis français. Est ce que vous avez des Master Class en français ?

  9. Can you please update the pgn download links? It isn't working anymore.

  10. you by far are the best content creator out there. TY for all the information

  11. Today i am having a tournament with gm/im and just trying to learn some traps

  12. In trap number one, at the end, doesn’t white also threaten mate with Nc7, if black does something stupid ?

  13. From my opinion this guy has a lot of good lines I’ve gorltten most of my tragedy from his instructions

  14. at my level, these situations never happen, and so I dont see the point in studying them 😛

  15. This Election should be Counted as Reparations says:

    7:09 is not checkmate king can move

  16. At 7:05 black can play Qc5 or Qd4 to escape. Then what would you do?

  17. Nakamura is so fucking insane yo… love him so much

  18. This video shows that extra queens are meaningless when your king is being hunted by enemies across the board.

  19. 18:20 Rxe6 Kxe6 and now Nc7 double check!

    Option 1: Ke5 Bf4+ Kxf4 Ne6+ royal fork winning the queen.

    Option 2: Kf5 Qf3+ Kg6 Qg3+ Kf5 (Kh5 Qg5#) Qg5+ Ke4 Qf4#.

  20. I hate the Scandinavian defense so thanks for showing how to deal with them

  21. Trap no 3 at 14:11 Be7 is blunder Qxg5 and black has no problem

  22. Thank you! Very helpful and abstract really…think outside the box

  23. How about @14:04, Na4, followed by Bb4, to counter c3.
    Or even QxBg5 instead of Na4.
    Wouldn't Black get out on top materially at the end.

  24. Hey GM, I just wanted to say thank you so much, I get so annoyed by getting pushed around by this and your videos have been soooo helpful 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  25. 4:26 if they don’t move their rook it’s checkmate with knight to c7

  26. 6:41 why it would be a end game bcs black can escape that check and potentialy capture knight? Can someone explain?

  27. By far the most common response i get is Qe5 check. Not mentioned here unless i missed it.

  28. Thank you for all the content you make. This channel is one of the best to come to for openings I find tricky to play against

  29. In the 2nd trap, the queen could have gone to C5. Then after losing his rook in the fork, he can immediately pick up the bishop and likely trap the knight as well.

  30. In the second trap isn't there knight to d4

  31. At4.43second there was opportunity to chqmate byB7C

  32. Regarding the line you give at the 10:00 mark you might wish to add a couple of comments. First it isn't at all clear why black simply can't snag the b3 bishop with 6…Na5. The sacrifice 7. Bxf7+ is unsound so where is white's advantage after any move and the subsequent Nxb3? lichess does list 6…Na5 although it's only the 4th choice with 9 games in the database. According to Stockfish 15.1 white can eke out a minuscule edge (<.5), but I find that suspect as black has no structural defects and keeps the bishop pair. A GM might squeeze out a win with white, but practically speaking this can easily go wrong for a novice/beginner playing white. Secondly you might wish to comment on 14. Rd1 Qxg5 (black gives the queen back hoping to enter a survivable ending a piece up) which is a much better try than the immediately losing 14…Be7. At first glance my gut feeling was that black is still lost and indeed that is the case, but this could easily go off the rails for a novice/beginner who is confronted by 14…Qxg5 for the first time. Play would continue 15. c3+ Ke3 16. O-O threatening Rf3+ Ke2 Rd2+ Ke1 Rf1#. 16…Qxf4 fails to Rfe1# so black will soon be mated as all other alternatives fail. You present an enterprising line which makes good study material for beginners, but like many of your openings it is predicated on a specific move order which could easily be sidestepped by the opponent. So in a sense you're presenting "hope chess". In this specific instance black could easily find the innocuous 6…Na5 without even analyzing too deeply so your line is not a good choice for a novice/beginner who can easily find themselves adrift in unfamiliar waters. I do recommend your content to my students though with the caveat "trust but verify". 🤔

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