7 Best Chess Opening Traps in the English Opening

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will be sharing with you the 7 best chess opening traps in the English Opening, which happens after White’s first move 1.c4. Some of the victims of these traps include the top grandmasters (and also world champions) such as Anatoly Karpov, Sergey Karjakin, etc.

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  1. White will play Nxe4 and after Qxb4 then Nc2+ when's the queen back

  2. Please make an in-depth video on the opening and different lines with it love the way you teach keep up the good work

  3. That evil laugh is such a good idea. Definitely gonna do that to my friends 😂😂😂

  4. I think the winning move for black is Qxd2+. White has two options here either to take the black Queen with the King or Knight. Taking with the Knight is a better option coz taking with the King will leave the Knight hanging. So after white does Kxd2, black will follow with Nc2+ will result in white losing his Rook. No doubt black will eventually lose the Knight but I think black is in a stronger position with two Rooks and a Knight.

  5. at the 9:00 mark of the video, why can't black just retreat the bishop, rather than moving the queen to protect it?

  6. 13:40 probably Nxe4 since there is a fork if the queen is captured

  7. Black plays Nxe4, threatening mate in 1. Since the White Queen is absolutely pinned to the White King, it can only take the Black Queen (i.e. Qxb4). Black plays Nc2+ and, because the Knight cannot be blocked or taken, White must move the King to d1 or e2. Next Black plays Nxb4, winning the Queen back with a full piece material advantage. Black's position is superior as the White King is stuck in the open center under active attack and White's remaining pieces are almost entirely undeveloped.

  8. :30 the way he said "However" was dope. Love bro love

  9. 5:03 , hmm. Free pawn for black. Q is pinned can't capture. Instead BxG2.

  10. N x e4. If queen takes then Nc6 ch forking queen and rooj

  11. Nxe4 is the best, followed by Qxb4, Nc2+, white now loses the queen and black is winning

  12. Excellent instructive stuff with nice commentary. Thank you…… Expecting more…..

  13. Nc2! White Queen is pinned and cannot capture, so White King must move somewhere. Then Qxe2 and after White King recaptures, Nxa1

  14. Theres refutations in these positions, then whites peices end up on awkward squares. I checked the lines on lichess openings board…..black has to play like stockfish though.

  15. wow a lot of wrong answers, i only see one other person with the correct answer at this point…
    the highest value move is Nc2, the black knight checks the king, forking the rook. the white queen cannot capture due to pin. after king moves, black queen take white queen. after white recaptures the black queen, the knight can take the rook. this is the biggest gain in material from the position.

  16. "On the next move, you will capture one of blacks pieces and it's time to resign"

    800 rated players: we don't do that here

  17. How to download the png files of these games?

  18. At 8:40 if black moves their knight in D5 you don't take the bishop, Qxf7# instead

  19. 13:42 the move Winning for black is Knight c2 because it’s winning the rook

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