5 MUST-KNOW Chess Tips For Every Beginner

These are 5 tips to know in chess 🙂

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

Intro 00:00
Follow chess principles 0:58
Don’t play without a plan 04:20
Don’t trade the wrong pieces 06:39
Think about your opponent’s plan 10:10

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  1. Hi Anna, yes, please make more educatable videos. Thanks for the tips :)!

  2. Beautiful video and very helpful. I love it when you (or Pia) explain the process.

  3. Hola Anna!! Deberías considerar hacer videos en español,siento que te iría muy bien✨… alguna vez lo has pensado?

  4. Estaría bueno que hagas videos en español. Saludos. 🙂

  5. On a different note, I don’t think having a plan is exactly important. Back in 1997 I played years of 1 minute chess. Which sometimes went into 40-70+ moves per game. I think more having a reactionary view on things, tactics are key. Especially when sacrificing. I like your videos, keep it up =)

  6. The WestAdamm comment together with replies looks like an advert for trading tuition with a few chess remarks. Shouldn't this be banned? Does YT allow this?

  7. Ana un vidio en español , o en el canal secundario

  8. Anna I love in California area with family and hang my own spot, please come visit

  9. What do you think of Chess960? Have you played it?

  10. Yeah I don’t like cocky good people at chess everyone can lose or win it’s all about the angles and techniques. If your white try to control the black squares and if your black try to control the white squares it’s about two things defense and offense. Depending on someone opening should depend on your defense and someone defense should depend on your offense also it’s not about always taking pieces or taking every piece on the board and last never chase anything but the king. Beginners should learn technique and movement your pawns can be your best friends in chess

  11. This is in my opinion the most educative for beginners like my video you have ever made.

  12. Yey! I saw the queen move. But maybe only because you said there was a move. I'm a beginner and my problem is basically that I struggle to remember any analysis I do, so give up on analysis and therefore cannot plan. Alas I see chess as requiring more memory than I have to give. I find it fascinating to watch especially if a player is explaining their moves.

  13. It would be awesome if you teach more often like this. Thank you very much for your amazing channel❤🎉

  14. Excellent Anna, Thank you. Following your channel has definitely improved my playing immensely. :- )

  15. Who needs to learn openings when i know the best opening ever. The cow opening

  16. I would love to see more educational videos. I learned a lot from this thank you.

  17. Q: How to learn the game w quality information without hiring a coach? I don't have GM parents … but I do have a computer that says "always do this" followed by "never do that". Ahhhhhhh! I'm subscribed and find you both entertaining and informative, albeit lightyears ahead of me. Thanks!

  18. Du använder tid för länge på fel ställe och drar alldeles för fort på andra tillfällen i partiet du spelade igår

  19. Why couldn’t you go knight to c3? Stop hard attacks and you don’t lose any position for a few moves? Just asking

  20. I saw the queen move easily, but I know in a game, I just wouldn't. It's very different when you're looking at a puzzle you know has a solution vs the open ended nature of the game.

  21. If by tactics you mean perception and analysis…yes. You have to see that move, and figure out that you can capitalize on it for the win. I don't know if that's an innate or acquired skill yet.

  22. Yeah! Just the lesson/reminder that I needed! Thanks!

  23. "The plan was useless. The planning was indispensable." ~Douglas MacArthur

  24. Chess is easy peasy, cos I beat the computer..

  25. Wow Anna, he sabido de ti gracias a la entrevista con Jordi Wild… definitivamente te aconsejo que dediques más vídeos a enseñar tácticas de ajedrez, tú capacidad de comunicación y tu carácter extrovertido puede acercar el ajedrez a mucha gente, particularmente a los jóvenes. Me encantaría, ya en lo personal, que dedicaras un vídeo a diversas aperturas y las mejores respuestas a las mismas. Gracias por existir! Un abrazo desde Almería

  26. Your thinking that you reckon "chess is difficult" makes it difficult. That's why some people don't become GM because they don't love this beautiful game enough and overthink it.

  27. Big beginner here!!! Been so in love with your videos. Just played my 2nd chess game ever with a friend and your videos have helped me lots! I’d love to see more ways to train my brain to see tactics.

  28. never played chess but it is so fun to watch your videos. maybe I should give it a try 😀

  29. football aka soccer left the chat and badminton

  30. Chess, like tennis, is easy unless you don’t mind losing all games.

  31. Anna: first of all, control the center.

    Also Anna: cow opening! ❤

  32. YES to having a plan. One of the frustrations I have with chess puzzles is that the "Plan" portion is missing. I understand they are designed to train you to identify the best move from the position, but I constantly find myself wishing I knew the plan that had resulted in the position.

  33. As a beginner i didn't understand the purpose of openings but as I progressed into 800 elo i realized how important it is to learn openings and move pieces with a plan thanks to you it's much easier to understand chess now 😊

  34. Hi Anna! It was an amazing video! I would love watching more educational content from your channel since it is really interesting😊

    Congrats and have a nice day🙂

  35. Too busy watching, looking n staring at Anna's eyes that I lost everything I tried to learn from this video…… 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

  36. Thank you for this video! Happy New Year! Maybe I will eventually beat my 9 yo in chess…

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