5 Most ANNOYING Chess Openings

5 Chess Openings I HATE: London, Benko, Ruy Lopez, Catalan, and SemiSlav.

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0:00 Intro
1:49 Opening 1 – LONDON
9:22 Opening 2 – CATALAN
15:15 Opening 3 – Ruy Lopez
20:15 Opening 4 – Benko
26:40 Opening 5 – Semislav

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  1. Many of the low people I play against only know how to take take take. So I keep learning Thanks !

  2. If there's a semi-slav player, you can throw in the London

  3. They say theoretically chess is a draw. I can only assume that the reasarchers began and ended their study with the Ruy Lopez.

  4. London is so annoying, my stock opening to d4 is the old benoni now

  5. Just discovered this video and can relate. I have basically the same repertoire as black against d4, still looking for a good way to deal with the London and Catalan, haven't played e4, e5 in decades (from either side), and the Benko gives me a headache even though I actually played it as black during it's heyday in the 70's (I like the Qc2 idea).

  6. I hate fianchetto, I dont know how to counter it, its not even that I always lose against it, but I usually just play defensevely and wait.

  7. The semi slav joke was hilarious lmfaoo

  8. It's good to know that the semi-slav, my main repertoire against the queens pawn, annoys levy.

  9. I hate London with passion, that I always play E5 whenever my opponent play D4. I don't want to deal with it, so go ahead eat my Englund.

  10. My favourite Spanish variation is rio gambit accepted. Active rook in first few moves is quite rare

  11. I've actually had great games as a beginner with the Spanish, I just feel that after taking the knight and castling, you can get really agressive, which I enjoy

  12. Its so annoying to play againts the London man. Its not even that it creates dangers for you as black, its just that you cant do anything. You nailed it

  13. I just realized I main all the most annoying openings lol

  14. I think Coli system is even more anoying opening than London

  15. Hey Gotham I wish you make a video for Hungarian opening plz

  16. I'm a beginner and I was starting to study the Sicilian and my 1500 partner was like nooo go study ruy lopez it's way easier and then I see this video. I feel like theory might just be hard no matter what RIP

  17. It is very funny that I play the London and the Catalan as white….

  18. The most annoying opening is when your opponent does a stupid opening and you end up losing

  19. Levy you don't know the feeling of e4-e5-f4 as black…it's like the whole universe collapses in front of your eyes in a chessboard..:((1700elo)

  20. For me it's wayward queen attack

  21. “I will never understand the Ruy Lopez” he says as he describes thirty variations of the Ruy Lopez.

  22. This video deserves a second part just for the exchange slav and the french exchange, specially the second one

  23. If I'm sitting at a chess board and not loosing, I'm happy!

  24. The opening I find most irritating is when black just plays 1. g6 2. Bg7 3. b6 4. Bb7 (instantly fianchettoing both bishops) regardless of what you play as white. This happens all the time at the lower levels and it’s annoying because it looks like garbage but isn’t easy to punish.

  25. Because of London system I left QGD switched to nimzo.

  26. Me: Just watched Levy’s Catalan video
    watches this
    Me: And now I choose Levy or Eric’s side

  27. Leningrad Dutch is and always will be my favorite defense. It's a damn shame hardly anybody plays the Dutch at the top level considering how wild and potentially devastating it can be to a player not expecting it.

  28. Eh, gotta say playing the bird’s opening is fun. Tends to force my opponent into my territory. Btw don’t worry I know how to play into the from’s gambit without dying. Also, I would say it’s the best opening for shogi rapid attack players since the bird’s Leningrad tends to give you sharp tactical positions where you can just play tactic after tactic. Just don’t play this if you’re under 1000 rated, you’ll regret it.

  29. The Bird opening is the worst to defend against

  30. The wayward queen attack is the most annoying

  31. I reject the London by playing the Indian 😎

  32. How to completely avoid these openings;
    London: Play the Old Benoni
    Catalan: Play the Old Benoni
    Ruy Lopez: Play the Caro-kann
    Benko: Play 1.e4 instead of 1.d4
    Semi-Slav: Play 1.e4 instead of 1.d4

  33. I'd have imagined the berlin or the petrov as you've already said they're drawish and as for the petrov, it's for people who "don't like chess"

  34. Levy : You can't avoid the Semislav.

  35. With due all respect levy your perspective is intermediate and not professional before anyone get fooled

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