5 EASY Chess Traps for Beginners

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 5 chess opening traps for beginners. The main problem with the beginners is that a lot of the known/popular opening traps don’t work against them; they don’t even see hanging pawns/pieces and hence it’s difficult to lure them them into the traps.

That’s why, GM Smirnov has shortlisted the best opening traps that work really well at the beginner level. This will also help you beat beginner-level players easily if you’re an intermediate or advanced player.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 Chess Opening Traps for Beginners
00:05 The problem with beginner chess players
01:01 Trap-1: Fried Liver Attack, Two Knights Defense
02:21 Trap-2: Smith–Morra Gambit, Sicilian Defense
04:03 Trap-3: Fried Liver Attack on the queenside
05:24 Puzzle of the day
05:41 Trap-4: Counter the Fried Liver Attack
07:58 Trap-5: Stafford Gambit, Petrov’s Defense

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  1. I know the solution as it's a known move in the Jobava London so i'll let others try to guess it ^-^

  2. Best thumbnail yet! You for real coulda played Palpatine😁

  3. At 9:45 at the end of the Stafford Gambit, I don't think you even need to move the h pawn, you can just play Bg4 and after white plays hxg4 you can play Qh4#.

  4. Hey Mr. Academy, I started playing crazyhouse and I've been really struggling. It's almost an entirely different game and there's not a lot of resources on it. Do you think you'll ever make a video or videos on it?

  5. E6 looks promising. So many traps and pitfalls, with forking the king and the rook, PxP check to follow

  6. Puzzle of the day 5:32
    Qxd4 , if Black Qxd4;
    then, Nxc2+ with fork to Q & R, captures Black Q after Black K moves, loosing castle privilege.
    But, if … Qe2 stopping Nxc2+;
    then, White Qxe4 captures N.

  7. For the puzzle of the day, is it Qxd5; the idea being that you take the d pawn and threaten to also take the e4 knight. When Black recaptures with the queen, White plays Nxc7+!, a family fork that wins back the queen, and also prevents Black from castling. Nice little attraction tactic, if I'm seeing it right.

  8. Your face outlook totally changed in the thumbnail
    Seems like chess coach turns out to be monster for beginners
    Really liked it
    And the scarf over your head is hilarious

  9. I think if beginning players would just study for like 1 hr they could avoid stuff like this. I started back in January, and am now around 1400 (which means I still fall for a lot of crap!). It isn't that hard to just learn to recognize early threats.

  10. Really amazing video, can you do video on elephant opening

  11. #4 seems like it easily fails if they take with the bishop with check instead of with the knight

  12. I gotta say the thumbnails are getting better and better

  13. Bortnyk plays that Jobava London reverse fried-liver all the time & absolutely destroys people. 👍

  14. I used to play that line against the fried liver, it worked very well for me as a beginer
    (Now I'm playing caro kann but maybe I will learn e4 e5 again)

  15. After using this, all the sudden my entire body is shattered and be destroyed.

  16. Thanks to you, GM, I use these tactics all the time in my openings and have had a pretty good success rate. Also, I really enjoy the courses I have purchased. Upward and onward! Thanks!

  17. This is the problem I’ve had all my life in chess. I learn a trap but beginners are too dumb to fall for it.

  18. 6:30 if they decide to castle instead of moving pawn, what do you do ?

  19. Thanks! Always good to know these traps for attacking and defending ^^

  20. Do me a favor… Find someone who teaches better than you. Igor… there are higher rated players… You are the BEST !!! chess teacher on EARTH !!! I went from 900 to over 1300. I am 65 years old. Your tactics RULE !!! I lost to more under 900 than over 1200. RT R us. Humble Bow !!!

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