5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Sicilian Defense

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The Sicilian Defense is the most frequently used defense from club players to Grandmasters. The main reason for the popularity of this chess opening is its combative nature – Black fights not for equality, but for advantage. The Sicilian Defense begins with the moves: 1.e4 c5.

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you 5 best chess opening traps in the Sicilian Defense with different variations including the Najdorf, Dragon, Accelerated Dragon, O’Kelly and Paulsen variation.

► Chapters

0:00 Introduction
0:41 Najdorf variation
6:10 Accelarated Dragon
8:59 Dragon, Levenfish variation
11:48 O’Kelly variation
14:19 Paulsen variation

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  1. damn that first trap was insane, i didnt even get to the rest of the video yet and already subbed.

  2. I do love his voice. He does sound like he works for Putin

  3. I only know the 3rd trap. It is just the way I play. Didn't know it was a trap.

  4. The motionless architecture internationally count because plywood particularly pray around a cool bathtub. unwieldy, proud rooster

  5. it actually starts at 11:55 if you are interested in playing as black

  6. Pl advise trap in case black plays e-5 early at 5 -6 moves

  7. Thank you GM Smirnov for an excellent instructional video!

  8. Don't use word inside the game, we don't clear to see

  9. In the first trap i think black is fine if he plays Qa5 instead of Qb6

  10. great but if Queen goes in a5 instead of b6, it' s not that great for white!?

  11. This is to help white not black…clickbait 🙁

  12. The 1st one is not trap just innocent thinking

  13. Move 4 for black the better move is to capture with d pawn and also recapture with the queen

  14. In other words, our nation is arming the Taliban again. |

  15. If white plays d4, can black still play f5? Is that still sicilian defense?

  16. i'm 1600 and i beat my 1800 friend with the 1st one!

  17. The title should be '5 Ways to Get Trapped in the Sicilian Defense'

  18. Sempuurrnaaa i like it! Bacuse is the beat tenkyu ticher

  19. 3:10 is there a continuation if black play Qa5? ( because the knight is pinned ).

  20. On the 4th trap, would you take the centre pawn with Q while you have the pin, then you can attack the corner?

  21. At 10.57 , pawn f5 can deflect the queen with capturing the bishop in next move

  22. To show beginners dubious opening traps has very little do with chess teaching.

  23. Bold of you to assume I can convert a one-pawn advantage

  24. sicilian i just realized is reversed english 🤣

  25. amazing simple
    and bishop to d8 ? probably not as good but is checkmate also

  26. 1:14 If black plays e5 what should i do? What's the best continuation.

  27. You misspelled 'Accelarated' in the dragon section for the segment title

  28. in first case he move knight instead of rock pawn than wht will we do now …

  29. Hi, I've a question, What to do if black's queen goes to a5 in the first trap? does the trap still work?

  30. A lot of stuff happened in 4 years. It would be amazing if you could update this video.

  31. Good shii my guy 💯!! Seems like everyone around 1400 is playing Sicilian Defense 😂

  32. In one of the certain positions in this video the queen goes to B6 why wouldn't the queen just go to a5 and pin the night?

  33. In another position in the accelerated dragon or whatever when the pawn recaptured back on C6 it would have been the other Pond that Queen's pond

  34. There was a certain position in the dragon lever fish variation where Bishop could go to G4 and attack the Queen the gain a tempo for black

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