5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Ruy Lopez

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the best chess opening traps from the Ruy Lopez defense, which happens after the opening moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5.

It is also called the Spanish Opening or Spanish Game, named after 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy López de Segura. It is one of the most popular openings, with such a vast number of variations that all codes from C60 to C99 in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) are assigned to them.

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► Chapters

00:00 Intro to Ruy Lopez chess traps
00:12 Trap-1: Black wins in 10 moves
01:48 Trap-2: White counterattacks 
02:47 Can you find the winning move? 
02:59 Trap-3: GM Igor Smirnov’s favourite
03:58 Trap-3: Beware of this checkmate!
04:47 Trap-4: Black traps White’s bishop
06:42 Trap-5: Miraculous trap for White
08:15 Insane and crazy move!
08:51 Can you find the winning line?
09:01 Best way to improve at chess instantly

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  1. Best chess channel there is. & I watch millions lol

  2. At 1:20 what if knight goes h2? Why don't you explain that? Looks safe to me…

  3. Nxe5! Threatening QxB & discover check regaining Queen , material with advantage

  4. I study opening traps so that I know which ones to fall into when playing my computer.

  5. Trap 3, White can play 8. Nxe5, …

    if 8. …, BxQ; 9. NxNc6+, Be7; 10. NxQ+, KxQ; 11. RxBd1 and White is a Bishop up.
    if 8. …, Be7; 9. NxB and White is a piece up.

  6. Wouldn’t knight to E6 work?? Cause pawn can’t take because it’s pinned to king and so knight taking the queen next is unavoidable

  7. Will be implementing some of these bad boys

  8. You are a wonderful chess promoter and instructor!!! THANK YOU!!!😇

  9. Is the continuation Nxe6 (white), B7 (black), Nxge (white), Nxg4 (black), Qxg4 (white)? Anyone?

  10. The answer to the last trap would be 1. Nxe5, Bxd1 ; 2. Nxc6, Be7 ; 3. Nxd8, Rxe8 ; 4. Rxd1 and white is a piece up. If black doesn't play 3. Rxe8 and saves the bishop then 4. Nc6(white), if black takes the knight with pawn then Bxc6 and it's a fork. And if black doesn't takes the knight with the pawn, then bring our white knight back to b4 or e5. And still a piece up. Like if it's correct.

  11. knight to e6, will get you the queen. Black can't take the knight with the pawn cause it is pinned by the bishop.

  12. Last one you NxE5.. because after bishop takes your Queen you have NxC6 with uncovered check and you win the Queen with 1 pawn advantage and good position

  13. I really got disappointed when I got youtube notification that the remote chess academy channel has been terminated and till today I was check every minute for this channel to come back because I learnt alott from GM Igor smirnov 🙏 thanks for coming back again.

  14. First puzzle at 2:49 is "Ne6" and the queen is trapped.
    And the second puzzle at (8:55) the end of this video is "Nxe5"

  15. For the last trap has anyone figured the winning move for white yet, Sir please can we see the answer?

  16. Last puzzle:
    1 Nxe5
    2 Nxc6+
    3 Nxd8+
    4 Nxc6
    5 Bxc6+
    6 Bxa8

  17. 4:28 I think black pawn to d5 is a better option than Ng6. Attacking both knight and bishop and if white takes on d5, black takes bishop on b5 and once again attacking the knight and now pawn on d5. Yet not losing a tempo,which you do in case of Ng6.

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