4 MOVE CHECKMATE: Best Chess Trap for Beginners (Wayward Queen)

Make sure you know this so you don’t get checkmated in 4 moves.
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  1. Beginners,it does not matter what opening you play,if you know some opening and play that opening,there will be a part of the game where you need to play practically and tactically. In that scenario,always remember you have pawns. So,put as many pawns in the middle of the board whilst protecting them(i do not mean put a ton of them….i said put about 2 to 3 STRONG pawns in the middle).

  2. That opening is terrible. It's just another example of hope chess.

  3. And then queen made pinnity ponnity pin for the black pawn

  4. Nothing better than spamming this in every opponent until somebody catches on & puts you on the backfoot.

  5. What if they attack the queen after defending the pawn instead of attacking with the knight

  6. What if black use its queen instead pawn

  7. Someone make it on me in a school tournament

  8. A year later and I'm loving it😊👍🏼I just started playing again it's been over 10 years since I have played and this has me wanting to play👍🏼

  9. Bro they don't play knight f6 instead they go Kh6

  10. me: Moves the king pawn to e4
    The Enemy: Moves A Different Pawn

  11. This is called the scholars mate, and at the higher level this is not good at all, because it is really easy to punish your opponent for not developing their pieces, and it is really easy to counter.
    You should play this only if you have maximum 600 elo, over that amount people realise how easy it is to counter the scholars mate, and instead you might get mated because the scholars mate does not develop your pieces at all.

  12. What if the queen kills the other queen

  13. Oh nvm I didn’t look too close😂😊

  14. Play the queen to f6 so you will break the trap and your opponent will retreat 😅

  15. Thanks, more Wayward, more i win … against it😂😂

  16. Just attack the queen by moving the black pawn to g6

  17. When the uploader says “for beginners” he doesn’t mean it will work on new players, or inexperienced players, this will literally work only on people who are having their very first chess game in their life against you. Please don’t study this opening if you’re a new player trying to build your chess knowledge, if the opponent knows the right first couple of moves to make in response, you will have a terrible position and he will have all of his pieces hunting your retreating queen. There are plenty of other openings that make aggressive tactics and traps available, which also give you a solid position if the opponent finds the best moves in response. With wayward queen attacks, if the initial trap doesn’t go as planned, you have nothing except an active queen and the rest of your pieces are just benched. Dont use it, don’t overthink about openings, just play games with simple moves and start taking note of tactics and patterns that reoccur during your games to start building your skills

  18. me: haha me will trap this guy
    Opponent: F R E N C H D E F E N S E

  19. What if he moves his bishop instead of queen

  20. Hey when I take the pawn the king kills my pawn

  21. Does a different move
    -Uh, that's wasn't in the script.

  22. If you’re a beginner… don’t do this. Develop your pieces, try to control the center of the board, and find safety for your king. Learn to play actual chess instead of tricking bad players every now and then. Chess will be much more enjoyable.

  23. Thanks it added some variation to my trick

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