3 Chess Openings for White – For Beginners!

In this video I show you 3 chess openings for white! In this beginner video I cover the basics of the Sicilian Defense, the French Defense, and the Italian Game (from white’s point of view).

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  1. That was great. Just the right amount of detail, actually. Thanks.

  2. I like your video, however the teeth sucking after every sentence really triggered me.

  3. Great explanations. I wish you would have named the openings though 🙁

  4. Please make another video similar to this.I always come across the phildor and never know what to do.Also add a scandanavian

  5. Excellent stuff! I am so glad I found this channel. I can't believe how prolific you are. Thanks very much for your help.

  6. Again great video. Exactly my learning level. Not too detailed not to soft. Perfect. Go on lik this, please!

  7. Nice, just spent 2 hours studying with the board and trying to memorize these ones and the ones for black to have a solid base to start (I'm 400 ELO started playing a couple days ago) and my oponents don't seem to respond in the same way but that's fine because I just had a 82 accuracy game for some reason after studying for 2 hrs yay. Guess mindlessly playing was not the way to go

  8. I am a beginner. Your presentations are easy to understand because you explain the pros & cons of each move. Could you explain the Pirc Defense in one of your future tutorials. Thanks

  9. Thank you for this. It's really helpful that you laid out the 'why' instead of just the 'what'. The openings are much easier to appreciate now. Thanks!

  10. Out of All the learning -chess videos I have seen, this is by far! The only one I could really follow and learn something. Great job! And excellent teaching skills by pacing yourself to show all potential opponent's moves. I am Learning alongside my daughter. Thank you very much!

  11. Finally a good video for beginners (aswell as the video on blacks openings). You learn all the essentials and basic knowledge of the most important openings without getting overwhelmed with dozens of variations in a 20min video (per opening!). Kudos to you Sir!

  12. Ok. I go black. Early queen will be the play

  13. Hi I am not a beginner but I am not knowledgeable/confident about developing my first moves. I am much stronger with my middle game and enjoy it far more whether or not I am ahead. Your videos and explanations are really helpful as I can learn whatever I want and I practice on a board.

  14. That was great. I am a beginner and mostly play tons of puzzles. This was super helpful and I will probably watch it a few times so I can practice it without stopping to look. thanks!

  15. I think you went too fast. I personally don’t remember the designation. What is “E”

  16. Thank you Nelson. Your videos are perfect. As a beginner, other people’s videos are usually far too fast to understand what they are talking about. Sometimes, on a few occasions, I pause the film and go frame by frame to get all the moves. Jill. x

  17. This video starts on the wrong foot: "black's most common response to e4 is c5". That's wrong. That's the most common response AT GRANDMASTER LEVEL, but this is a video for beginners. At beginner level the most common response by far (64%) is e5. c5 is a very distant third with 6% (the second one is d5 with 10%). You can see it in the Lichess openings database.

  18. Lots of great material here. Subscribed & Liked…I will be rewatching this many times!

  19. And maybe, go over common chess verbiage in one of your videos?

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