3 Chess Openings for White – For Beginners!

In this video I show you 3 chess openings for white! In this beginner video I cover the basics of the Sicilian Defense, the French Defense, and the Italian Game (from white’s point of view).

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  1. Lets be real nobody play Najdorf at U1200 too complex. Also if they scililian they will go for scilian its likely a dragon or they will play instead of 2. d6, 2Nc6 instead

  2. you've got a real knack for teaching! your videos are a big help for me as a beginner. thank you!

  3. Thanks Nelson! I think that this was a well paced video! I liked how you explored the different lines (I tried to follow and replicate them on my chessboard, trying to interiorize the logic behind each move). What would you say is the best way to interiorize these opening lines, so that if and when they appear in a real game I can be prepared to face them?

  4. Really helpful thanks. Would be great to see some more of these please 👍

  5. Most of us click into here to try to figure out this game. That you chop it into digestible pizza slices (pardon, lunch time) illuminates those most important shadowy areas we need to see clearly.

    We all appreciate your dedication and efforts to teach. I salute you with both hands.(south Florida ).

  6. I second coco loco comment, you have helped my game out alot with your teaching, thank you so much for all you do, i hope you really understand how grateful i and a lot of other people are that someone like you takes your time and energy to help others like me, thank you once again, sincerely another fan of yours from south florida.

  7. For a beginner like me this was a lot of material but was also easy to follow, well explained. Just being exposed to the many common combinations of moves at the opening is helpful. I’ll need to re-watch a few times to internalize.

  8. For a beginner such as myself, your instruction videos are by far the best I have found. The explanations are very clear, the pace is good – great learning experience. Thanks!

  9. Beginner plays Sicilian?? Are you kidding me…. E4e5 thats what happen in begginer games…. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Wat? c5 is most popular? Not e5? I mean sure, may be among masters, but for beginners? Also why not d5, ed, c3, that is very cool.

  11. Really pleasant and clear explanation! (I’m starting from the beginning of your videos)

  12. Great video , as usual and while I can’t speak for others the speed and level of complexity are right for me. My question is this: I watch the video, see, understand and forget ten minutes later. It has occurred to me that setting up an actual chessboard (as opposed to the computer/cellphone screen) and running through the moves you demonstrate might be the way to go. Would you recommend that, or is there a better way to remember?

  13. I play against a computer. It baffles me when this happens: e4-e4, kkb3-pkb4. Should I take the pawn? If not, it will advance the kbp, which is a threat. To take the pawn doesn't work out very well either.

  14. It is not a problem that there is a lot to take in as one can watch the video again and again to become familiar with the openings/responses. But even better is your delivery, nice and calm, with good articulation. I really love your lessons. I find some videos too frantic to watch (no names), and even though I could watch them again and again to grasp the concepts, I still have to deal with the frantic tone and delivery, for me that is just distracting. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

  15. Great video I'm learning alot about strategies and how to actually think about the games in more of a infstacated way thx gave you a thumbs up and keep them coming

  16. I’ve watched a bunch of your videos and enjoy learning chess from you! I just watched this one and it’s my new favorite. I like your approach to focus on one common opening and the 3 common responses. It helps me understand strategy to be on the look out for opportunities to attack and vulnerabilities to defend. Thanks for the videos Professor!

  17. I've opened 4e my whole life. Never played a game that ended up any of those ways lol

  18. Honestly 1 of the best youtube channels for actual beginners. Do you have stream schedule?

  19. I thought it was very good. Keep it up just as is.
    And thank you for your postings.

  20. According to the Lichess database, for players below 1800, we have the top 3 responses to 1. e4 , in all formats but with most games being rapid or slower, as:
    #1 …e5 with 38 million games
    #2 …c3 with 15.3 million games
    #3 …e6 with 10 million games
    and close behind we have #4 …d5 with 9 million games

    For games rated over 2200 (most games being blitz or faster), definitely not beginners anymore we see:
    #1 …c5 with 9.7 million
    #2 …e5 with 5.1 million
    #3 …e6 with 3,9 million

  21. Ngl I thought you were going to cover the scnadi instead of the french

  22. i think this is great for the level i'm at, but more videos explaining all the possible other good deviations for e4 is good to extend knowledge

  23. As a chess newbie, I would like to know if all openings are colour specific, ie. openings for white only and other opening for black only or can any opening be done with both colour pieces?

  24. This was not too slow and not too fast for me at least. . Right on!

  25. I just wanted to say thank for this video. It's well presented, I love target audience notification- and it made sense. I'm not new to chess but I'm starting over after almost 10 years from not playing after hitting a plateau and getting frustrated with trying to learn from books that take way to much for granted. I'm starting with the basics all over again so this was great

  26. At below a thousand rating I've never had anyone respond to e4 with the sicilian. Sick and tired of trying to apply lessons only to find that my opponent isn't following any particular line

  27. I like your videos. want to play on lichess sometime? What's your name there?

  28. Thank you so much for taking it slow and not going to multiple directions with variations right from the start.

  29. This video covered all that may be necessary for a beginner or an intermediate player👍

  30. Can you do a similar video to this one but open with d4 instead of e4? I think a series of beginner videos that have the most common White openings would be nice. It might be nice to summarize e4 vs. d4 openings, and which lead to easier learning or are more aggressive, e.g., the pros and cons of each e4/d4 you teach (let's assume the most common 3 of each), and how you would rate these based on different criteria (ease of learning, attack potential, etc). This would be aimed at ELO 1000 or less.

  31. When you move knight to c6 what if he brings bishop to b5. And pins the knight? If you take pawn with knight he takes your queen with bishop

  32. The pace is really gd for a beginner like me who plays daily, throughout the day vs a veteran player. Apples for apples, I beat him, when he misses a position n I capture his queenie. Often we got to the very end, where he almost always grabs one or two additional queenies w his pawns. (I have yet to do that) In most other videos, the host moves/talks way too fast. TA. Stay well.

  33. Alright just tried these openings and got fucked by the cpu

  34. I liked your video very much, it is simple but also very useful, much recpect to u

  35. Thank you! For me this level of detail is spot-on!

  36. Your videos are very good, you speak slowly enough to let the information soak into a person's brain. Most chess videos I have watched go through the moves with lighting speed as though they were in a race and the chess novice learns absolutely nothing. I would prefer to listen to one video that explains one opening at a moderate speed than a video that speeds through ten openings at blazing speed in which I gain no knowledge. Keep up the good work and may the good Lord take a liken to you.

  37. Is the following a good move?
    White: e4, Black: e6
    White: e5
    If yes, why? And if not, why not?

  38. A effective opening I made by myself, and I mean REALLY
    PS: this only works for white but there is a key move to defend it, actually two of them, but make sure to use it on the third move of your rook or queen is gone

    It's based of the Italian game, so I think I should call it the Italian attack, so here's how it goes:

    1. e4 e5
    2. Nf3 Nf6/Nc6 (either way works, it's just that Nf6's just more aggressive)
    3. Bc4 (whatever random move except h6 or f6, that move prevents the attack and ends your plan but here's a tip: your plan's not over yet, you can chase the pawn away so that the plan continues)
    4. Ng7 (any move)
    5. Nf7 (any move)
    6. Nxd8 or Nxh8 (any move)
    And that my chess newcomers trying to battle against other newcomers is a really good option as a new opening to discover and even though I'm not one anymore, I still use it and it's pretty effective, make sure to middle finger someone when someone plays f6 or h6 on the third turn

  39. Best explainations I have found so far. Most channels go way too fast (for me as an ELO around 600), or 'put on a show' by not explaining things calmy but in a more 'entertaining' fashion. I definitely prefer it the way you explain it. Thank you!

    Edit: point of improvement could be to add timestamps in the video, for example for the variations. But the video itself is great!

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