18 Bizarre Chess Openings Named After Animals

I spent hours compiling a list of all the chess openings named after animals. Today I share with you 18 of the most oddly named ones!

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – lichess database explanation
1:34 – Kangaroo Defense (as black against d4)
2:51 – Scorpion-Horus Gambit (as white against Caro-Kann)
4:00 – Fried Fox Defense (as black)
4:47 – Chameleon Variation (as white against Sicilian)
5:46 – Lobster Gambit (as white against Latvian Gambit)
6:45 – Double Duck Formation (as black against d4/f4)
7:40 – Gibbon Gambit (as white against Grunfeld Defense)
9:19 – Dodo Variation (as white against King’s Gambit Accepted)
10:14 – Tortoise Opening (as white against e5)
11:34 – Vulture Defense (as black against d4)
13:31 – Horsefly Gambit (as white against Mexican Defense)
15:24 – Snail Variation (as black against d4)
16:22 – Mosquito Gambit (as black against d4)
16:55 – Porcupine Variation (as white against f5)
18:19 – Penguin Variation (as white against d5)
19:17 – Mongoose Variation (as black against e4)
20:50 – Monkey’s Bum (as white against Modern)
22:44 – Hippopotamus Defense (as black)
25:18 – Part 2 (Animal Opening Traps) Coming Next!

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  1. Who named these openings ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. The fried fox defence is worse than the bogcloud

  3. The Hippo is such an underrated opening that is great against impatient attacking players and even does well against most engines.

  4. My games always ended fast idk why the opening that i always see when im playing as white is barnes opening :fool's mate

  5. I absolutely lost it at 18:42 while i was cutting vegetables in the kitchen and i had to take a break so i could rewind and hear that whole thing againEdit: typo

  6. im pretty sure there is no good animal opening

  7. I was expecting the Orangutan, also called Polish opening

  8. the is also The Whale varitation with e4 e5 c4 c5

  9. DiamondFan20 - ダむダヒンドフゑン says:

    When two furries play chess, all 18 openings are played in just 18 matches.

  10. The only opening that's missing is the Sicilian defense

  11. Crab opening is my favourite meme opening (a4 h4), I don't think it's on here tho xd

  12. I just resign against hippo defense i'm sick of playing against that shit it's so exhausting

  13. My golden days when I was a 600 i played fried fox defence and lose by smothered checkmate😭

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