100% Win Rate Chess Opening!


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  1. How about caro?.. 😢
    I just bought your caro! 😭
    Its a flash in the pan.

  2. Gotham: I am 15-0 with this opening

    Then proceeds to show video of him losing to Fabi

  3. i was playing some games earlier and was wondering why i was getting such a high amount of scandis against me, i guess this video is why

  4. In 4.45 min what if white play f3 ?

  5. Or maybe Fabi was just going easy on him

  6. Dear Levy, YouTube’s captions block the black pieces. Can you get your editor to do subs under your pic or something? 🫶

  7. Super cool to see an update on this. I've been playing the Scandinavian based on your last video about it for a couple months now, and loving it.

  8. Im not going to play it or it would loose its 100% win rate

  9. I'm learning Sicilian right now, so may be i'll try it later. So please don't remove the free sample part in future. 😗😗😊😊

  10. I Always setting up tenison gambit vs this 😂 my winrate on my 600 elo vs this Is 90procent with almost half game end Very early check mate EM.

  11. I love your opening Videos man :). It's sad to see them being outperformed by "Magnus Thumbnail Videos"

  12. Can’t wait to get more successful leonhardt gambits now

  13. this is a change of delivery from e.g your old how to win at chess series.

    this is much more direct and feels like its being told a bit more on equal terms somehow. great video! can you do one on the g3 english pleaeeaaase

  14. sprobuj nie zclickbaitowac challenge
    ten jeden biały skurczybyk:

  15. I once saw you use this opening in a video of yours a few days ago and ive been using it nonstop. Its so fun to play with this opening

  16. I like playing both sides of the Scandi.. The measure of a fun system to play 😉

  17. I'll try this on a 1500 ELO bot and win 100% of the time as soon as I play a 600 ELO I lose

  18. My autistic brain cant win a single chess game😢

  19. i took the free part of the course last week and i havnt been winning EVERY game, but it has been really fun to do this opening.

  20. I get nothing but the Scandinavian when I play white now. Thanks Levy!

  21. Nooooooo this is one of my opening repertoire you shouldn't share it!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Day 3 of being held hostage by Magnus Carlsen in Levy's videos

  23. Why don't you join some tours and gain some points, ben just said your never gonna be grand master, prove him wrong

  24. gotham please teach us how to learn blindfold chess please

  25. I've been playing this with black for a while, whitout even knowing it was a opening, lol

  26. When moba player try to introduce new meta

  27. Not the most venomous opening, but a very lethal one, especially in the higher levels. Be careful of the tennison though

  28. yea this shit doesn’t work i actually played against a guy that watched ur video (He told me in chat) and he tried the Scandinavian and i destroyed him 😭😭😭

  29. You don't cover one of White's strongest lines with 0-0-0 after Nc3, Bc4, d3, Bd2, Qe2

  30. Levy you are an absolute legend for pinning haters' comments

  31. Bro can ya tint the rain background (colour of ur choice) some times it’s hard to see black pieces below name, help our nearsighted friends here, nice vid doe….

  32. I already am a Scandinavian lover, but didn’t put time in it appreciate you for this awesome video Levy

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