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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you 100 essential chess tips (especially for beginners and intermediate level players). These tips will definitely help you to play better in various stages of the game.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a thrilling ride! Watch the full video lesson and dive deeper into each tip. Since Igor is covering these 100 tips in just 7 minutes, the video might be too fast for some of you. If you don’t understand something, just pause the video, think about the position and then go to the next one.

► Chapters

00:00 100 Chess Tips Every Beginner Should Know
00:15 Chess Tips 1-5
00:31 Chess Tips 6-10
00:49 Chess Tips 11-15
01:12 Chess Tips 16-20
01:31 Chess Tips 21-25
01:42 Chess Tips 26-30
02:01 Chess Tips 31-35
02:19 Chess Tips 36-40
02:37 Chess Tips 41-45
02:56 Chess Tips 46-50
03:15 Chess Tips 51-55
03:32 Chess Tips 56-60
03:51 Chess Tips 61-65
04:17 Chess Tips 66-70
04:36 Chess Tips 71-75
04:55 Chess Tips 76-80
05:16 Chess Tips 81-85
05:37 Chess Tips 86-90
05:57 Chess Tips 91-95
06:20 Chess Tips 96-100

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  1. "If your opponent plays too well, tell him "Great chess skills is a sign of a wasted life"." Ah ha, handy, yes.

  2. Sir can you please upload a video about "crushing the reti opening"?

  3. When opponent plays too well, tell him great chess skills is sign of wasted life😂😂😂

  4. I have never blundered in my entire life. I just sacrifice

  5. ► Chapters

    00:00 100 Chess Tips Every Beginner Should Know

    00:15 Chess Tips 1-5

    00:31 Chess Tips 6-10

    00:49 Chess Tips 11-15

    01:12 Chess Tips 16-20

    01:31 Chess Tips 21-25

    01:42 Chess Tips 26-30

    02:01 Chess Tips 31-35

    02:19 Chess Tips 36-40

    02:37 Chess Tips 41-45

    02:56 Chess Tips 46-50

    03:15 Chess Tips 51-55

    03:32 Chess Tips 56-60

    03:51 Chess Tips 61-65

    04:17 Chess Tips 66-70

    04:36 Chess Tips 71-75

    04:55 Chess Tips 76-80

    05:16 Chess Tips 81-85

    05:37 Chess Tips 86-90

    05:57 Chess Tips 91-95

    06:20 Chess Tips 96-100

  6. I like how a half a dozen of the tips were on how to trash talk your opponents. Tips for playing in Central Park not the Marshall club.

  7. Thank you, Igor!
    Don't forget, when an enemy Knight is nearby, check the square colours of your King and Queen/Rook.

  8. Much rather haVE A DOZEN tips with detail than 100 in one sentence.

  9. What other useful chess tips would you add to this list? Comment below 👇and support your fellow "Igor Nation" members ❤

  10. First video I've watched at 1.0x speed this year.

    Thanks Igor!

  11. Please summarize the list guys in the comment section.. hehe 🎉❤ Thank you GM!

  12. I'm going to start typing "stop defending your pieces you coward" in all my chess matches now 😂

  13. remember, it's inappropriate to think abt mating

  14. Didn’t think I could be a disco superstar through chess but OK.

  15. Excellent. Now a recap of least known (most obscure) tips would be a great follow-on. Things like beyond the back rank look to trap K on a/h file in late middle and end game. It doesn't need to be 100 or even 50. Even just a top ten would be very insightful/instructive.

  16. LMAO "Good chess skills are a sign of a wasted life." Obviously I need to watch this a few times to see what I missed.

  17. “Great chess skills is the sign of a wasted life”

    Oof 😂

  18. "Great chess skills is a sign of a waist of your life"😂😂😂
    That is exactly what I wonder about once in a while, after studying chess for 40 years now, hahaha😂

  19. Hello Igor, I have been watching your channel for some time, it's great and I have really learned a lot. I have a question, which opening for black and white that is not to complicated would you recommend for a beginner that has been playing chess for about three months. Thank you in advance.

  20. Show that video to somebody who just learned the moves without letting them pause it once then be like ok now you know how to play chess any questions?

  21. I love your videos. But what does it say about me that I already know these tips but my play still sucks?

  22. Hahahahaha i learn from the goats, Cagnus Marlsen, Fobby Bischer, and Kary Gasparov.

  23. For those who are having trouble with the speed:

    1. Do not move the same piece twice in an opening
    2. Do not exchange your active pieces for no reason
    3. Cut your opponent's king off so that it cannot castle anymore
    4. Castle as soon as possible to put your king to safety
    5. The main opening task is to develop your pieces quickly
    6. Keep your queen behind your pawn so that your opponent cannot attack it
    7. Look for the best diagonals for your bishops
    8. Only cowards defend their pieces; always tell this to your opponents😂
    9. A bishop is slightly stronger than a knight; do not trade it off for no reason
    10. When your opponent's king hasn't castled yet, aim to open the position quickly
    11. While developing, make sure you don't block your other pieces
    12. The knight on the rim, is dim
    13. Avoid unnecessary pawn moves in an opening, develop your pieces instead
    14. When there are opposite side castling, start pawn storms
    15. When you don't know an opening theory, just develop your pieces and castle
    16. Use your pawns to blockade opponent's bishop
    17. Pin the knight near your opponent's castling as the first step to your further attack
    18. When you have more space, avoid exchanges
    19. To make the fishing pole trap more effective, stare in the eyes of your opponent and tell him, "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES"😂
    20. When you're attacking, aviid exchange of queens
    21. Put your rooks on open files
    22. Capture towards the centre
    23. Pull up your queen to make your attack successful
    24. Transfer your knight to a weak square
    25. When you're up material, trade pieces
    26. Do not exchange a pinned knight; it can't move anyway
    27. Do not advance your pawns too far away from the rest of your forces
    28. When you're in trouble, tell your opponent, "it's inappropriate to think about mating"😂
    29. Provide an escape square for your king to avoid back rank problems later
    30. Figure out opponent's plans and prevent them
    31. Trade your flank pawn for your opponent's central pawn, because the centre is the most important part of the board
    32. Centralize your pieces as much as you can
    33. When you control the centre, it's fine to start your attack on the side
    34. Pawns can't go back; avoid creating weaknesses in your position
    35. Sacrifice to expose opponent's king, and to destroy him after that
    36. Your knight is the best blockader of your opponent's passed pawn
    37. Trade off your passive pieces
    38. Double your rooks on an open file
    39. If your opponent is playing too well, tell him, "great chess skills is a sign of a wasted life"😂
    40. Sacrifice a pawn to open diagonals for your bishops
    41. Place your queen 2 squares away from the knight diagonally, so that the knight can no longer attack it
    42. Do not overload your piece with too many functions
    43. When your knight is pinned, attack the bishop to force it to make a decision: whether it's going to trade, or go back
    44. If you have a bad bishop, trade it off
    45. Keep your pieces protected, and you will never blunder them
    46. Put your pieces on squares opposite to the colour of your opponent's bishop
    47. Get rid of the pin by pushing your pawns forward
    48. Ask yourself, "what will my opponent do when it's his turn?", and prevent it (similar to 30)
    49. Make your opponent underestimate you; tell him, "I've learnt all the strategies of Cagnus Marlsen"😂
    50. Relocate your pieces to more active squares
    51. When you're down material, complicate matters and attack
    52. Counter a flank attack by your central attack
    53. Trade off opponent's fianchettoed bishop
    54. You can use a pawn effectively to restrict an opponent's knight
    55. Use a pawn minority attack to create weak pawns in your opponent's position
    56. Occupy string squares defended by your pawns
    57. Eliminate the main defender of your opponent's knig to make your attack easily successful
    58. To limit the options of your opponents, play forcing moves: checks, captures, attacking moves
    59. Scare your opponent, tell him you're Bobby Kimovic Carlsen😂
    60. Your knight is the best defender of your king
    61. Doubled pawns in the centre aren't bad, because they control a lot of important squares
    62. A double attack is the most important chess tactics
    63. Do not overestimate your opponent (see 3:59 for meme)😂
    64. When your opponent is attacking you, ask yourself if it's truly dangerous
    65. Offense is the best defense
    66. Advance your rook to the seventh rank; it has a lot of targets to attack there
    67. Attack the base of your opponent's pawn chain
    68. Monitor hanging undefended pieces of your opponent, and attack them
    69. Linear pieces pinning everything but not the knight, are most avtive in open positions
    70. Define your candidate moves before you start to valculate anything
    71. F7 square is the weakest point of your opponent's position
    72. Avoid pawn islands, they're weak
    73. Activate your king in an endgame
    74. When your opponent's king is weak, look for combinations
    75. Call your blunders, sacrifices; feels better😂
    76. To take is a mistake; do not trade when it helps your opponent to become more active
    77. Positional play simply implies putting your pieces to better positions
    78. Attack the pinned knight to win the game
    79. While defending, keep the position closed so that your opponent cannot attack it anymore
    80. Perpetual check is a good way to save a losing game
    81. Bring all your pieces into play
    82. If you have mastered all the good moves by now, you will be a disco superstar
    83. A pawn break can help create a passed pawn in an endgzme
    84. Stalemate is a good way to save a losing endgame
    85. Put your rook behind a passed pawn to support it's advancement
    86. The bishop can completely dominate a knight
    87. Use the back rank weakness
    88. Use a position in an endgame to push opponent's king away so that you can advance and win the game
    89. In an endgame, centralize your queen
    90. Passed pawns must move forward
    91. Queen + knight is a great attacking team
    92. Rook + bishop is a great attacking team
    93. The main endgame plan is to promote a passed pawn
    94. In an endgame, attack opponent's pawns; not his king
    95. When your bishop cannot control the square of promotion, a rook pawn cannot win the game
    96. Advance your pawn majority; playing where you are stronger
    97. Attack 2 weaknesses to overload your opponent
    98. Restricted pieces is a great target for your attack
    99. 2 minor pieces are usually stronger than a rook + pawn
    100. Calculate all possible captures, not just 1

  24. Sorry, but this particular video is very hard to watch. It’s better to make a blogpost for this or something

  25. Great attempt Egor. Speed is high. Such a good content, better be in 30minutes👍👍🌹

  26. Does that mean you have wasted your life Igor??

  27. Oh so great 100 steps written well. Thanks Egor fully🌹🌹🌹

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