10 Chess Tricks You Must Know To Win The Game

10 Chess Tricks You Must Know To Win The Game


  1. in puzzle 1 you couldve moved the queen under the king and its checkmate

  2. "chEaCKMAtE" never gets old

  3. For the first one try moving the queen to the left 2 squares

  4. 2:57 i seriously screamed "ROOK SACRIFICE" and it really was it 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Someones been stealing chess vibes thumbnails lately

  6. 0:05 you ment one move? Move the queen to the left, being protected by the night getting checkmate

  7. Foe the first one why couldn’t you move the king above the queen?

  8. İs this a staircase? Check Check CheckCheckCheck Check Check Check Check

  9. also why is the thumbnail so similar to a chess vibes thumbnail

  10. Puzzle 1 I would have done Qb5, ka8. Then Kc7, Ka7 then Qb7 checkmate

  11. in puzzle 6 move da queen to h5 checkmate

  12. Like all the people: Queen to a6 checkmate ezzzz
    King takes the knight:You people underestimated my power.

  13. Ima keep doing what I’m good at for now until they tell me to stop or put me in check

  14. for puzzle one you could to 6 and it would be 1 move checkmate!!

  15. he couldve checkmated in one move with queen a6 in the first puzzle

  16. In puzzle 3 black pawn can take white queen, isn't it?

  17. Puzzle 1, knight on a6 is mate, no? Because any kings move will be covered by the queen or the knight.


  19. 3:25 I didn't do the staircase but I did checkmate like this

  20. When king moves a8 the first time with queen b5 if queen go to a6 it’s mate

  21. These chess lessons are great but each lesson are too short. I want to see much more of your lessons and I save this on in my chess folder. Your narration explaining each lesson is great.

  22. these lessons are good and all but you have some puzzles which were simply false, they said there were only 2 moves or something when there were 3. Im sure that there are easy checkmates from there, but for fairly unskilled players such as myself it is quite easy to assume this is due to laziness. (If you think im making this up look through the video through the eyes of a noob)

  23. In puzzle 1 couldn't you move king up and left

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