10 Best Chess Moves EVER PLAYED

10 Best Moves Ever 🙂

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
3:35 Game 2
7:11 Game 3
10:19 Game 4
13:57 Game 5
17:32 Game 6
21:05 Game 7
25:11 Game 8
28:33 Game 9

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  1. 2:24 why couldn’t black just take rook with pawn? I’m very new at chess so I’m wondering.

  2. Brooo its so much fun to watch u while i'm high("Try it too") ! keep the content going 😀

  3. At 2:22, why isn’t the best move for black to simply take the white rook with his pawn? After that, nothing’s left to stop the black pawn from queening

  4. “Emil Joseph Diemer who was a nazi and Fro Trommsdorf who as far as I know was not a Nazi, so you know who’s side I’m on”🫡😂

  5. I dont get it why didint the rook take the queen??!

  6. Don't know if your question about "The Gold Coin Game" was serious or not but it seems that this game took place in Germany where actual gold was minted into coins until 1915.

  7. i swear to god i found the move in game 2 btw. im a 800 elo rated player (Franjoi)

  8. 4:50 I'm so shocked I actually got g3 correct. I only saw the first half that if the pawn was ignored you can easily promote to queen and checkmate. I only assumed there was some way to close the game out if they took the pawn.

  9. I got way too excited when I guessed the move in #5

  10. If Hans would’ve played most these moves it would be hailed as proof he’s a robot…. Emotional stuff

  11. I saw b3 in game 2 and I'm 400 rated lol

  12. i was impressed by your russian without accent more than these moves😳. It is really complicated to american guy speak russian with such an accent

  13. Nobody will believe me but I called that Stockfish and Alphazero bishop to G5

  14. At 2:13 white hangs his rook by taking B6, or am I missing something?

  15. As a 700 ELO player, I guessed the second one 😎

    I totally didn’t pick a random piece and it was the right piece

  16. 10:25 Ayyy a Hungarian grandmaster!
    5 seconds later: Oh no, he's against Fischer!

  17. I really thought that move Garry Kasparov played against Karpov that was like insane

  18. Ochh. Horse was not protected. I want to attack horse!😀

  19. Me: "Why is white winning?" Levy: Cause use your eyeballs

  20. I found Queen to C7 on game #8. I know it’s not a big deal, but I’m a beginner and this is the first time I found the move on a question like this. It feels really good, and makes me motivated to play and study more. Thanks for everything you do Gotham!

  21. I literally got a heart attack when I heard this perfect Russian speech from Levy😅

  22. Hi. Levy. I love your channel. You and Agadmator are the 2 greatest chess commentators I know 🙂

    Regarding the greatest move ever plated – I think that there is a move from what is considered by many as the greatest game of Bobby Fischer , which deserves to be in top of your list. It is even greater than the game of the century against Robert Byrne's brother, Donald Byrne ! The game is a match between Bobby Fischer and and Robert Byrne of 1963 and the move is a move of Bobby Fischer in the black pieces – Bishop takes F2 Pawn. This sacrifice is so deep that none of the 2 grandmasters, who were reviewing this game for the audienece understood. Even when Robert Byrne resigned, many moves later, they thought that Bobby Fischer is lost and the actually thought that it was Bobby Fischer who resigned. You can see review of this game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMDJebpc4oQ.

  23. Peter Leko's move vs Vladimir Kramnik in Game 14 in 2004 didn't even make the list. Very sad…

  24. Qg3 is the best move I've ever seen. Followed by Qg7. Not taking a piece, but just plonking it in front of other pieces, is always the hardest move to find.

  25. I suck at chess to be clear but on the second game I actually think I would have played this move. I paused before he read it and saw I could get a queen out of it but I would not have seen through to checkmate.

  26. Gold coins were legal tender during the gold coin game, and there were denominations as low as $2.50 and $5. So it would be no different than throwing $50 and $100 bills on the board.

  27. I found 4 at once the other ones where very popular, had seen them

  28. Extremely disappointed that the moves aren't all en passants.

  29. "whys white winning?' Levi: "cus use ur eyeballs."

  30. Can't you Just Go King d4 bishop c3 at Game #10 to Stop black from promoting with the h pawn?

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