1 Positional Chess Concept You MUST Know! [WIN Easily]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches a key chess positional concept that can transform your approach to the game and pave the way for success. Get ready to take your game to the next level with the most crucial chess strategy that will lead you to a 2000 rating and beyond.

But first, let’s delve into why this concept holds such significance. Throughout his journey to becoming a grandmaster, Igor Smirnov discovered that chess is filled with countless rules and principles. However, identifying the most dominant and impactful ones can be challenging.

That’s why he wanted to share with you the ultimate chess strategy that will simplify your decision-making process and enhance your gameplay. So, what is this fundamental concept that can revolutionize your chess understanding? It’s none other than the principle of piece activity.

The essence of chess revolves around maximizing the activity of your pieces. The more active your pieces, the greater control they exert over the board, and the more pressure they can apply on your opponent. From this video lesson, you will learnΒ 5 different ways on exactly how you can follow this single strategy in different positions.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Strategy to Reach 2000 ELO
00:06 Example-1
01:00 The Most Important Concept to WIN in Chess
02:39 Chess-Football analogy, be like Messi!
03:00 Rule-1: Move your pieces forward (most active square)
03:53 Rule-2: Do NOT make your bishop a tall pawn
04:59 Rule-3: Do NOT defend unless you have to
06:54 Rule-4: To take is a mistake
08:37 Rule-5: Improve your least active piece
09:29 GM Smirnov’s Father’s Day Special

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  1. I literally am guilty of all of these mistakes πŸ˜‚ no wonder I can't improve. Even with tactics trainers I find they don't help much. However with understanding these principles I can see many of my own problems are bound to improve

  2. I want this type of content more realizing how funny 🀣 I'm playing. Sometimes I literally forked myself.

  3. this was a well titled video and great content, if you would have posted it as "5 rules…", I wouldn't have clicked

  4. This might be the best single chess lesson I've ever seen on YouTube. Thank you!!!

  5. Watching this knowing my 900 ass will hang mate in one or lose my queen in the next 5 games.

  6. Thanks, you have been a big help to me. This video I find the most helpful. I have a question about opening strategy. What should the player with the black pieces try to achieve out of the opening? And likewise, what are some goals for the person with the white pieces?
    Thanks an advance.

  7. Where is this 2000 rating advice?
    All this stuff is level 1500 at best.

  8. The first step to harmony on the chess board is making sure that the pieces aren't getting in the way of each other.

  9. Your the best chess Mensa online. Your kind, humble, coherent, and don’t talk down to your audience. Thank you Igor!

  10. We are extremely lucky to have you as a chess teacher! This was one of the most valuable video chess lessons I've ever seen on the net! Thanks a million, GM Igor!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ😎😎

  11. Note for self:
    1) Move your piece to the most advanced square that's possible under the circumstances.
    2) Don't make your bishop a tall pawn.
    3) Defend only when needed. Work out the possible threat in your mind first to decide if it's one at all.
    4) When in doubt what to play, make your least active piece better.
    Fantastic advice and so easy to follow.

  12. Invaluable tips in a very short video. Outstanding !

  13. In the position where to take is a mistake, can the knight be saved after the pawn move c5 to make a discovered attack on the queen with the light square bishop

  14. "To take is a mistake" is the dumbest chess saying ever.

  15. I like your expression β€œDon’t make your knight a tall pawn.”

    Great video.

  16. Truly outstanding content. Watch it twice….at least.

  17. I’m still wondering how black has lost two pawns already?

  18. Invaluable! This provided a thought process to keep my focus during the difficult stages of the game…..Great job!

  19. Wow, I saw those 2 little girls plqying chess and I immediately felt a pang of hatred.
    Good job feminism, forcing your beliefs on others is going to lead to great places for women…

  20. "When in doubt, move your piece to the furthest available square"

    But in all seriousness though, great video

  21. In the second to last example, what would be a preferable alternative to NXE4?

  22. 8:00 damn after Be7, white takes knight, you take back, after b4 attacking the knight, itll be +6 for white if you dont find e4, queen takes e4 w check, king f8, pawn takes knight, bishop takes white rook, and white still remains better

  23. Your videos are very straightforward and contains good content. Keep it up please, I would love to see more from you!

  24. I am a chess coach in Japan. The rules you mentioned in this video are all advice that I want to tell my students! You make them simple and easy to memorize. Great job!

  25. Positional concepts:

    1. move your pwice forward the most active square
    2. dont defend unless you have to
    3. male your piece more active and the opponent more passive
    4. dont make your bishop tall pawn
    5. improve your least active piece, find the piece that doesnt doing currently and reposition it

  26. C.J.S. Purdy was the best teacher in chess. Ever. (I bought a book of his in Burra Burra Victoria, Australia) I see elements of him here.

  27. Nimzowitsch chess play is also excellent. He defies some of these rules.. with brilliance. That is the wonder of chess! πŸ’Œ

  28. It was my father who introduced me to chess when I was 7 and I won the first game, I remember I I understood everything and while he was giving me explainations, I imagined a plan and calculated till mate. Ioved the game, but unfortunately, he was very busy and it was almost the only game we have played…
    But I tried my son to teach him chess, and I totally failed. He was able to beat me in other games and pleased, but never accepted to learn chess, as if it would be impossible for him to beat me. However I learned chess to a friend's son who tried again and again to beat me, but never succeeded. Years later, he introcuded his sons to chess and he achieved. Both sons wanted to improved their level in chess clubs ( at school) and won school competiions. Now the older one is about to become mathematician, my own son is engineer, very good in maths ( I'm a maths teacher myself) but…alas, has no taste for chess, dislike pure maths themselves ( fond of applied maths).. I failed for ever
    At least, some pupils insisted I created and managed a Chessclub in our school. They asked the chief it must be me, and nobody else. Well, I couldn't refuse. This club was successful and there were more than 30 pupils who came there, boys and girls playing together in a very friendly atmosphere. Many just had been introduced by grand father or father or uncle and learned incredibly fast. It was joy and happyness : they used to learn and discuss between themselves, providing.eachother advices. The only problem for me is that the best of them was able to beat me !! In a way to much successfull …

  29. I play chess as a hobby for 15 years now, but this video really said new things to me! Thank You Igor! Greetings from Hungary!

  30. Awesome, been stuck at 1700s for a while now, hopefully aiming to get to 2000 by the end of 2024. I'm 41 and my 9yo kicks my bum ) these tips are great and will defo come in handy to kick back his, thank you so much. )))

  31. I think some people might run into trouble with principles like "1. Move your piece to the most forward available square," because there are a lot of situations where you don't want to do that, right? For instance, you don't want to develop your bishop as white to the 5th rank if there's no knight to pin on the 6th rank– and in d4 openings, generally you want to avoid playing knc3?

  32. as someone who is higher than 2000 elo, i regularly dont follow these rules and regret it. Dont think that once you get to a certain level these ideas become obsolete and unnecessary

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