1 Minute Ponziani Trap

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  1. Doesn’t this fail if they don’t move their queen?

  2. Commenting so algorithm shows more chess

  3. We can't teach this to Frank, it is too cheeky. He will play it every game and try to force it.

  4. what if the person play knight f6 instead of knight c6

  5. bruh the moment we make any move like taking a rook its checkmate queen to f2 is a checkmate

  6. 𝔸𝖒𝖕𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖊[JustGotIsekaid] says:

    What if opponent decides to play bishop d7?

  7. I played this but my opponent played c3 attacking my pawn instead of my knight

  8. This is so terribly unlikely in an actual game.

  9. Why queen didnt take the b7 pawn, just sacrifice the king

  10. What if they attack the knight with f6 instead of d6?

  11. What do you mean when saying "there's no way your opponent can get in the way" after bishop B6?? I see 4 pieces that can block and have backup 🧐

  12. Bro speedrun his pawn to promote

  13. But what if they do Nxf2? Forking rook and queen. Take with king?

  14. Literally took me 20 games at 1500 to at least once get that position

  15. After learning about the ponziani, I never got to play as the white pieces

  16. My 500 ELO dumbass: What do you do after promoting?

    Me later realizing it's a royal fork: Surprised pikachu face

  17. Im a chess noob so I don't understand when you say there's nothing your opponent can move to block. Why can't he block with pawn, bishop or queen? Lol. I'm. So lost. Help!!!

  18. Be careful with this. If they block your bishop check with knight c6 and you still go for your pawn promotion, black has mate in one with queen f2

  19. gotham can we do the same with the queen?

  20. That’s cold 🥶but what if queen takes pawn. Nvm I didn’t notice king was in check 😂

  21. Putting the knight there is a little bit dangerous… Happens to loose the game within 10 moves.

  22. Why does he play Queen d6 instead of capturing with the pawn

  23. I thought you said the N-word after he said E4

  24. Dang I hate when people teach about the traps I’ve already been using, awareness makes them less effective

  25. I tried this , instead of moving pawn to d6
    He moved pawn to c6 first

  26. You know your dead when your opponent promotes to a knight instead of a queen 💀

  27. Yea but what if they move their other knife first

  28. I want to see how gotham plays polish opening with caro kann defends

  29. Bishop c5 left the chat once u push pawn to attack knight

  30. Every time i try to do the move i saw in video in any match my opponent will not do the moves

  31. I studied this, tried to play it. My opponents don't play the moves I want waar do I do

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