1. d4 ONLY Climb BEGINS | Part 1: 800+ London, Stonewall, Catalan

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I’m beginning another rating climb video series aimed to give you a repertoire with the White pieces playing d4 – London opening/system, Stonewall, Catalan, and so on. Useful links below regarding openings courses, joining the Discord community, and watching live!

0:00 Introduction + London Game
6:42 Stonewall Attack
12:10 Catalan Opening
18:19 Queens Gambit
27:54 London Number 2
36:55 Blackmar Diemer Gambit/French Defense
46:40 London Number 3 Gone Wrong
52:00 Blackmar Diemer Gambit
57:10 2 More Londons vs. Kings Indian

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  1. The guarded broccoli kelly fix because hacksaw wailly settle than a different walk. glamorous, hapless afternoon

  2. Poor Anna, all that BS and I'm like 99% sure it's just sexist assholes. A GM is butthurt he lost to a woman which is the funniest thing in the world to me. Toxic masculinity…….

  3. 27:37 " I'm never gonna hit even 2800 on chess.com"
    -Levy Rozman

    (5 months later he did hot 2800 blitz rating on chess.com after he thought it was impossible! Lol)

  4. If black plays knight g 4 , the queen h7 check mate

  5. Eric Rosen: Oh no, my Queen!
    Levy Rozman: Oh no, my bishop! 10:32

  6. Why these aren’t playing the way they play against us in low elo ? They are just making mistakes they never make against people from the same elo where they even reach endgames😹😹😹😹😹or we’re just too blind to see those checkmates from IM(GM) Levy

  7. You used to live in Calgary? I had no idea, that's fucking awesome! I'm an Edmontonian myself. Yay for Alberta!

  8. I don't know why but I have a sneaking suspicion twitch chat needs help

  9. When Levy tilts on Twitch = Phil Hellmuth

  10. 30:47 – symbiotisicm: I want to see a Carlsen Naka bongcloud
    who would have thought

  11. "Welcome to my 800 rating climb video where I teach d4 players how to premove mate in 6"

  12. This is your most instructional series for new/growing players. We get to see how you play a system when the opponent doesn’t do theory at different levels. I study an opening and then some one does something nutty and I’m lost.

  13. In the Catalan opening. Why not 4. Bh3?

  14. Everybody gangsta till gothamchess says"Oh no my queen! "

  15. what opening can you use when black responds with e5 to your d4?

  16. Just 6 months ago levy said in his own words “ I’ll never hit 2800 on chess.com.” Happy you’re still improving and returning to some over the board chess.

  17. Timing that chatter out at the end was beautiful lol

  18. 30:50 "I want to see a Carlsen Naka bongcloud" damn this guy predicted the future

  19. Hey Levy, do you play the English, if you do, can you make a c4 only rating climb?

  20. Its no fun watching 800s consistently blunder their queens… Play 1200-1800s pls

  21. Can you stop premoving please, it makes the checkmates hard to follow

  22. 10:43 "How do I bait this?"
    Like a master. Levy the International Master Baiter.

  23. That signature dramatic pause of Levy's when the opponent hangs a piece, a queen in this case

  24. This is the most real ass statement. Life is good I don't need a different letter. I think Gotham makes more money than a lot of GMs, dude sells his courses streams and makes content doing what he loves.

  25. POV: you rebuild the setup @17:51 on chess.com analysis because you can’t find out how .Ng5 was a blunder since if ..Ng6 Qxh7# but you don’t want to be called an angry YouTuber

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