1. d4 ONLY Climb BEGINS | Part 1: 800+ London, Stonewall, Catalan

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I’m beginning another rating climb video series aimed to give you a repertoire with the White pieces playing d4 – London opening/system, Stonewall, Catalan, and so on. Useful links below regarding openings courses, joining the Discord community, and watching live!

0:00 Introduction + London Game
6:42 Stonewall Attack
12:10 Catalan Opening
18:19 Queens Gambit
27:54 London Number 2
36:55 Blackmar Diemer Gambit/French Defense
46:40 London Number 3 Gone Wrong
52:00 Blackmar Diemer Gambit
57:10 2 More Londons vs. Kings Indian

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  1. hey, it aint just one random guy on the internet who says he believes in you. all of us random people believe!
    edit: just saw Gotham suspend someone for calling him a simp. not angry, just disappointed smh.

  2. Twitch, HELP, I've been stuck in comments for the last two years.

  3. Still no Catalan, come on Gotham…I'm so sick of the chessable course on it.

  4. '' I want to fight for the legacy" i just love it🤣

  5. Hi im from 2022 and i do watched this 1 year after you uploaded

  6. 44: 38 checking with the bishop would have been forced mate wouldn’t it?

  7. To cheat I just use an engine on my phone in my lap and if anyone accuses me, I just say I’m texting my friend Mike Postle.

  8. For the peson that said ''hey yt do i find love in the future'' my answer is yes

  9. 17:48 I don't see how that's a blunder looks like mate for white to me

  10. lol 28:45
    dude said 2 moves and then its checkmate in 36

    man that guy should start a youtube channel and show me how to beat the London by force after 2 opening moves

  11. 'The only thing worse than blundering a queen is blundering not taking the opponent's queen' -Sun Tzu, art of chess

  12. 43:30 didn't he have mate in a few moves if he played Bf6+ here, instead of Qh6+

  13. A moment of silence for the twitch users stuck in chat.

  14. Person using lipstick cheating, but here we are in 2022 with anal bead cheating lol

  15. At 11:03, your bishop is not under a threat, because if he takes with rook, then you move queen to check, he protects with rook you take and mate. Btw, I am 367

  16. That "hi, how was 2022" is super weird if you're actually watching this not in 2022 but 2023 😂

  17. In the blackmar gambit game you could have mated earlier by playing queen f6, bishop h6, queen g7 mate

  18. 18:58 um Gotham it's okay to come out nowadays. Don't need the subtle hints anymore.

  19. If only he knew about the hans plug accusations it makes lipstick sound reasonable

  20. I play the london, and for some reason my opponents don't do the things I see in all these videos! I play at the 500-600 level.

  21. I'm happy to name and shame, it was Ilmārs Starostīts IIRC who was the sexist idiot that accused Rudolf. Shameful behavior.

  22. on the queens gambit instead bf4 the move pawn a3 is better because if bishop takes you win a queen.

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